View Full Version : AC Revelations intermittent 30fps cap

06-24-2012, 12:59 PM
So I'm playing on the same system that I played AC 2 and Brotherhood on, with an i7 @ 4ghz and GTX 680. Simply put, the AC games -while looking great- have never been technically challenging for a high end video card and both previous games have been knocked out the park with hardly a dip below 60fps during 20+ hrs play time on each.

Started playing Revelations today and right away I'm seeing an inexplicable dip to 30fps during random circumstances. I know that it's not a problem with my card not being able to run it, but for trouble shooting I knocked all the settings to their lowest values, and it's still happening.

I'm at the very start of Constantinople right now looking over the dock and seeing 30fps solid. It's not hovering around 30 fps, as if the gpu is struggling, it's an unwavering, stuck 30fps. For some reason, the engine is capping it there. Until I move around a bit and it will randomly 'unstick' and shoot back to 60, then it will randomly go back to 30 again and stick there within 10-20 seconds of running around.

Anyone know what's up?

I've also checked that Triple Buffering is on (i'm using v-sync). I'm getting 150-200fps with v-sync off but also a little tearing so i'd like it on.