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x jshadow95 x
06-24-2012, 02:16 AM
OK, so the new update for the Ghost Recon FS is kind of ridiculous. The new update reduced the Damage and Control on the AK-47 and the Damage on all Sniper Rifles. I am not too sure why they did this at all. I thought the AK-47 was a very good gun and it felt like a reward for pre-ordering at Gamestop. Now that they updated it, it doesn't kill like it used to anymore. Same with the Snipers. I JUST got the MSR and the KSVK a couple weeks ago, and i had a nerd-gasm because it was so good. I could one-shot people across the map if i shot at their upper torso. Once i got the AP Rounds, it was game over for any and all. (at an exception of lag of coarse.) It was quite the reward for waiting 34 levels to use such an awesome gun.... Then the update hit... Once i heard from a friend that they had nurfed the Snipers and the AK, i just had to see for myself... I got on the game, was playing around with the MSR, and alas... It was true... I could no longer kill people with one bullet... I played several games to make sure i just wasn't in a laggy room and it was the same.. I could shoot people point blank with the MSR in the arm, and they wouldn't die.. (before i could shoot their pinky toe and they would die...) I was saddened at first, then pissed.. Because even with AP rounds i couldn't kill people 100% of the time.
I get the feeling that the only reason this changed was because people were getting upset at Snipers like I; and came on the Forums and complained their heads off until Ubisoft did something about it. Now we Snipers are at a dis-advantage due to the fact that we can't kill anything. I used to be able to pull up my MSR and kill someone who was trying to kill me with an Assault Rifle or Shotgun, but now... All i can do is watch them kill me on the kill cam going from Perfect health to "Critical"... I am sorry, but WHAT IS GOING ON!?! "Oh, this gun is too strong please make it weaker so i am at an advantage." I complain to my friends all the time about how Dragon's Breath rounds are annoying and how much i hate them... But here's the thing... I live with it... I get over it... They put them in the game for a reason,why not *ehem* exploit it...
Please help Support the Snipers (and AK-47 users) by making this Thread noticeable; Spread the Word..
And thank you for making such a wonderful game (despite this troublesome update) :D

06-24-2012, 02:18 AM
By just reading the title I thought you were talking about what new guns we will be getting.... Bummer.

Anyway, I think they nerfed the damage on sniper rifles not because of the snipers like you, who uses sniper rifles as how they should be used, but because of those who use it like a shotgun, wielding it in close range. Oh, wait. you did that too. Then, in your face buddy, I guess.

I don't think they should reduce the damage on sniper rifles. instead, I think they should make them nearly impossible to use in close range and totally inaccurate when firing from the hip/shoulder.

06-24-2012, 02:22 AM
Don't give the community the credit for the change. It was the dev team that felt that snipers were OP so they took it upon themselves to adjust the damage.

06-24-2012, 04:29 AM
I love to snipe but sniper rifles are now obsolete with the ridiculous range of the shotguns.

Just my opinion though but if you haven't gave the shotgun a bash I suggest you do so and find out yourself

06-24-2012, 04:32 AM
****, they patched GRFS when I was gone? Cannot wait

06-24-2012, 05:05 AM
i think its good that they nerfed the sniper...it really unfair that snipers get camo and a one shot kill now the AK47 they should have left it alone being that we did pre-order the game so get the extra perk.

06-25-2012, 05:56 AM
snipe against who?
if a riflemen that's why it's not 1 hit kill
IMO with the lv 1 sniper ghost/bodark i can kill 1 hit scout / engineer hehe