View Full Version : civilians, animals, random events/side missions, and other stuff

06-23-2012, 06:02 PM
In assassins creed 3 the civilian ai has been overhauled and there will be animals to hunt, so what types of random events do you think there will be. we already know one will have a thief stealing an apple or some other fruit, but i'm sure there will be more, maybe we can help a hunter who is hunting elk but isn't finding any, or escort someone in the wild to a town, and possibly free a prisoner being transported by red coats, as one screen shot shows this happening. I also wouldn't mind having more side missions (which thankfully we seem to be getting) and random events which occur more frequently. I wonder if we can go to another mohawk village and buy things like new tomahawks , not with money, but instead meat as natives obviously didn't use normal money at that time. seeing as armour is gone I would like to buy outfits(possibly with slight special effects such as increased speed while free running). we can go into shops and pubs so hopefully we can get drunk and then have some fun by attacking guards to see what happens. fights with civilians should be actual fights, not punch them once and they run away, i want actual fights, and if you knock someone out they eventually get back up again.

the brotherhood will be replaced by the band, as seen in the boston gameplay, helping citizens will let you get more members but doing so gives you more subtle benefits, like opening their windows for you during a chase. this leads me to believe there may be an honour system of some sort, meaning you are benefited by having a high honour. like GTA, there will be a notoriety system in which you fill up three stars, and each new star filled will increase the amount of enemies and the type of enemies hunting you.
the band will provide moving blend groups and will help you during chases.


well thats it but feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions.