View Full Version : HSFX 6 is now out:)

06-21-2012, 01:38 PM
As the thread tiltle says, go to the 242 squadron forums or SAS to get it,

(not sure if i can post a link to there forums here?)


06-22-2012, 02:02 PM
What's in it? Any way to just get a quick run down?


06-22-2012, 03:20 PM
Think HSFX 5 but on 4.11.1 and a little bit more......

Heres the readme,


06-22-2012, 11:42 PM
Got it and still seeding. Will try it out during the week if nothing catasrophic sucks up all my time :)

06-23-2012, 02:59 AM
What's in it? Any way to just get a quick run down?


What's in it..? Just get it.. We are going to HSFX 6.0 and stock 4.11.1...

06-23-2012, 04:26 PM
Most relevant difference over UP3, in my opinion:
- UP3 has working MultiCrew in DogFight mode (albeit, limited, and, with issues), HSFX6 has none.
- UP3 has no working MultiCrew in Coop mode, HSFX6 has.

But, HSFX6 has an improved Swordfish, so... it wins! :cool:

07-06-2012, 05:31 AM
It's been a while since I've kept up with the mods but now that 4.11.1 is out with the nice new AI I suppose I might try them again since the mods add so much eye candy to the stock game. For offline solo playing are HSFX 6 and the latest version of UP3 pretty similar? They're both compatible with 4.11.1 right? As long as I get the nice plane and ground textures, new decent plane models, and the nice new stock AI, I'd be happy. I didn't really like the first versions of UP3 because they had the crappy old stock AI.

07-06-2012, 06:34 AM
HSFX6 is compatible with 4.11.1
IIRC, UP3 RC4 is still for 4.10.1. You'd need to check with the source to be sure.

07-06-2012, 03:11 PM
HSFX 6 has to be installed over 4.11.1 and is the only mod pack at this time based on 4.11, therefore with the 4.11 AI.

UP 3RC 4 is 4.10.1 based and there has been no real news for months and months from the UP guys.

07-06-2012, 07:25 PM
I've downloaded it and it's very nice, I don't add anything to it so I can use it online on mod-enabled servers, not too many yet though so I still have HSFX 5. I can't really say if it's better than UP3, I have both. I also keep that install 'clean' and do all my add-ons in DBW 1.7

07-11-2012, 02:09 AM
Installed and works like a charm. I have always preferred HSFX to UP and the other mod packs.

07-14-2012, 08:49 PM
Just a heads up, the bug fix patch is now available from here,



ALL jsgme Option:-

A) Carrier takeoff 5.5 for HSFX 6.0 (Fireball)
look at il2 root folder \HSFX V6 Tools & Read me's \Carrier_Takeoff_5_5_README.txt for full explanation.

B) Fw 190 Canopies (Offline Only)
This retains Full Fw190 opening Canopy functionality and will work in both Stock and Expert mode, but for the moment it is moved to a switcher option because of a Server Console error that it triggers. Its great offline and may be Ok in Co-op format or with Client hosting, but not with a dedicated HSFX server currently.

C)Stock (Mod friendly) compatability mode
This adds back default actors.static files for stock maps (where they differ) to synchronise spawn points and runway altitudes with the stock game. (DD_Fruitbat and SAS_Storebror)
Also a new code function added (SAS_Storebror) so that ai made flyables with Bombsites do not trigger an error on stock servers where the aircraft by default do not have Bombsite positions.
It also drops the Expanded squadrons and nations temporarily and removes the possibility of players accidentaly rendering themselves invisible by choosing a nation or formation that others don't have.
(there is no advantage to this, invisible aircraft can do no damage but it can take a while for an invisible player to 'see' the error of his ways !.)


Corrections :-

i) Do17's Loadout error (cause online loading screen problem)

ii) I16 Type29 Loadout error ''

iii) Fw190 A8 Loadout error (Expert only) ''

iv) Axis Flak 30mm Winter version mat file error.

v) Fw200 cockpits.

vi) J7Ms Compressor problem

vii) Bf 109G1 incorrect engine reference (Stock)

viii) Bf 109 G1 Cockpit changed to pressurized variant.

ix) Me 210 & 410's CoG & ground handling corrections.

x) Fw190 Gear alterations .

xi) Server Console error.
[i]A new FW190 Opening canopies option is now available as a JSGME switcher option (Offline only) and should work for all Fw190's whether using Stock or Expert mode. By default all canopies are closed and this seems to take care of the above error.

xii) Wespe & Priest load strings in Expert mode Artillery form.

xiii) Fw190 FM 'unification'.
Stock FW's now use stock FM in both modes and Aachen has revised the new ones so that they are consistant.

xiv) Corsair Supercharger correction.

xv) HMS Eagle correction (Asheshouse)

xvi) F9F Instrument and external canopy correction. (Fireball)

xvii) MBR & Li2 Top Turrret skin mapping code correction.

xviii) ZB/YE Hayrake functionality added for F9F, TBD, P2V, Seahurricanes, Seagladiator and Seafury.

xix) SM79 torpedo site view arc (mrz)

xx) Runway lights not showing with Effects Low

xxi) A couple of tweaks to 110 FM's.

xxii) Ju 52 FLoatplane water behaviour corrected. (this required reverting some of it back to v5...so it takes off in a very short time.Its that or the catastropic bounce at the moment I am afraid, the short takeoff currently is the better option.)

xxiii) Added missing Tropical filter Code for Hurricane IIa

xxiv) Revised 109 Tropical filter code so that it is consistant with that in 4.11. (E4-G6 should now have working filter on desert maps).

xxv) 3d error with HS129 Mk101 & 103

xxvi) Hurricane IIc loadout correction

xxvii) J2M's Gunsight

xxviii) Revised Overheat parameters for TBD & RR Griffin engines

xxix) Player flown 109's and a few other aircraft types 'bounced' rather than exploding when hitting the ground in Cockpit view. (those seeing other players doing this would also see the bounce from external.) nasty bug this one !.
Some new code introduced this problem so have gone through all cockpits systematicaly and removed it wherever present.
Needed to revert to a derivative of 'AHS' in the case of a few aircraft which the new code had replaced, if you pause the game and switch to externals with these the body of the aircraft will be transparent. Unpause the game and it will correct itself.
Unfortunate, but it has no practical negative effect upon gameplay unlike the bounce.

xxix) Burma and Can_Channel (beta) revised by Cat

xxx) 109 expert FM 'tweaks' Aachen

xxxi) Lod 4 palmtree Fix (Ashe)

xxxii) 190 3d Cockpit correction and Revi mask update (Claymore)

xxxiii) ten010 & Birdmans D4Y Judy 3d updates.

xxxiv) Ar-234 Bombsight error

xxxv) 109E4 Trop & E7N Trop removed. With the properly working Trop filters correction above, they had just become duplicates.

xxxvi) Fw190 F2 Loadout altered to give Tropical filter when Tropical Loadout option is selected (this is different to usual to reflect use in Southern Russia).

xxxvii) Typhoon 3d model and Rocket rack update (SAS_Crazyflak & 101tfs)

xxxviii) Cant Bombsite correction (mrz)

xxxix) Yamato skin update (Diving Hawk)