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06-19-2012, 05:37 PM
This game would have potential. And you should use the potential AND HEAR THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY IT!!. When I started to play this game it had almost 600.000 monthly players and now it has dropped to 460.000. And my hunch is that most think that this game is TOO HARD! So why not hear the players, and do something about it. You give us updates but have they been what we wanted? No they haven't. Like the last update you gave us it had lot's of unimportant add-ons that only annoy us like the glow thing to the horse care bar, and the highlight thing when you get new items. Those are not only unimportant but annoying aswell. And pray tell WHERE DO WE NEED THOSE HIGHLIGHTS AND GLOWS?. And you made the game even more harder now that collecting composts takes energy and they refill in 30 min instead of 15! You are driving away your players and possible customers. I've said for sometime(Ever since assasins creed brotherhood) now that Ubi is just an greedy company that only want's peoples money. And you are starting to prove that day by day.
This forum is for us to give feedback, And we take our time to give you feedback, which you probably won't even read and if you do you should use the feedback to your advances. I'm starting to get really dissapointed in this game. I really enjoyed playing it but as our levels grow the game gets the feeling that it's more of an task than fun :c

So here is few suggestions that I've been thinking about.

1. Selling Horses/Retiring earlier.
- Many of us have unwanted horses and they take space and upgrading stables cost a lot, and making money on the game is somewhat challenging, and now it's even more challenging because of the energy cost to collect composts and guesthouses.
Selling our "unwanted horses" would not only free a box in our stables but it would also give us a way to make money. Maybe put a sale center(or something alike) where we could either decide the price and put it up for sale to our friends or sell it to Michelle or some other character for a set price.

2. Reduce the weed growth/No weeds inside fences
- Lots of people have complained that the weeds spawn too fast and I have to agree with this. I'd like to keep my ranch tidy at least for half a day, and it's not possible as everytime I visit a firends ranch and come back to mine there are new weeds to clear :(
It would also be nice if the weeds wouldn't grow inside pasture fences.

3. More Jobs for friends
- The one job per friend limitation is really stupid. It forces us to add foreign people as friends, which can be unsafe. And in what universe does a person have only one job at the stables? I for example do pretty much everything from feeding, cleaning the boxes, fixing things and driving horses. So at least increse the jobs that a friend can accept to 4

4. Somekind of indicator for collecting salaries
- This would be an awesome thing to get. I know that I have accepted jobs from friends but can never remember from who. and in what building.
Maybe put the farmsted into some use? Clicking it would give you a popup like from the map and you could see where you work and to who. and maybe there could be a button to collect salary in it aswell?

5. Reduce the cost of buildings and decorations
- Okay. I don't really mind the building costs that much. But the decorations? their prices are juts ridicilous. 300 bucks for a dirt ground and 750 for the gravel one?. seriously.. The dirt one should be 150 MAX and the gravel could be 300?. the pasture fence could be around 150-200, and the flowers 60-150.

6.Upgradeable Haystacks and water troughs/Bigger big haystacks and water troughs
- We don't want to have dozens of haystacks and water troughs on our ranches. So why not make them upgradeable. Make it so that we could upgrade the small stacks and troughs to medium or big(if you're on a level high enough). And don't you think that 15 servings from the big stacks and troughs is too little? Specially if you have lot's of horses. It would be nice if they got at least 5 more servings.

7. Reduce the crafting time of treats and the cost of double treats
-Yes, I'm also going to complain about this. The 4 hours time is too long for ONE treat to finish. and then it takes double time and costs 150 bucks more to make two of them? Where's the sense in that. I can make the exact same amount of treats in 8 hours by doing only one in 4 hours and I save 150 bucks. This is something you really should fix.

8. Fix the trotting animation when entering competitions
- The loading animation gallops instead trotting. It isn't that hard to animate a trotting horse infront of a sulky. You have no Idea how much it bothers me because I work with trotters and drive them every single day.

I had lots of more stuff to add to the list but I think this is enough problems to solve for now.

06-19-2012, 07:39 PM
1. I would enjoy seeing more horse types.

2.I enjoy that every time we level up we get saddle dollars now.

3.I think it is also nice that when we complete quests we get 100 dollars instead of 60.

4. I believe decorations are priced way to high. I never buy any because I spend more time using the money on other things.

5 there really should be a feature added to let the same friend accept more than one job with you.

6. I think it would be nice if the competitions were more interactive. Something other than just clicking on your horse again and again and then clicking compete. and then doing the process over again.

7. Upgrading would be nice but only if it required money and maybe a few spare parts. Not huge amounts of parts and neighbors.

8. It would be nice if when you sold something the price was closer to the original. For instance at least half of the original. Because right now selling things isn't really worth it.

9. I have noticed when breeding horses that the preview pick of the mane kind of does a two toned thing. For instance if the original foal that pops up is chestnut colored hair and you try to switch the mane color the new preview will show chestnut streaks. It is kind of distracting.

10. I think it would be nice if we had more reason to use the breeding station. Because once you start breeding horses of all different kinds you don't really have much use for the station. After all it seems all the horses there are normal. Maybe as you leveled up the station could unlock new horses to breed with.

11. I really want the ability to send my horses to the rainbow before they reach retirement or the ability to sell my horses to a neighbor who really wants him. Because sometimes I breed a horse that I wanted to look one way and he ended up looking messed up or something. I would rather retire or sell him then instead of having to age him up to 40-70 something. just to get him off my ranch. I prefer the selling one. One of my friends might really like the guy.

12. I don't think we needed highlights on the treats or a picture of the treats being collected and sent to the little storage box.

13. maybe new quests would be nice. For instance maybe we could be rewarded for creating a certain kind of horse.

14. lol maybe if when we were chopping down trees and weeds we found different parts for are ranch maybe that would stop all are complaining. or the occasional saddle dollar.

15. you know we are taking care of the horses as if we are invincible maybe it would be nice if we had a character that petted the horses and cleaned them.

16. we have a guest house which produces money but maybe it would be nice if as we leveled we unlocked larger houses that produced more money. and the same for the stable hand hut.

17. the same apples to the herb garden and bakery. it would be nice if as we leveled we were able to grow more than 2. or if there were bigger bakery's and fields which could produce more for cheaper.

18. Maybe it would be nice to put some of the smaller hay bales and water troughs in the barn so that they don't take up room on the ranch and can still be used.

From Amanda. Happy playing. ^_^

06-19-2012, 09:36 PM
Thanks so much for the suggestions and feedback. I've made sure to include it on today's report.