View Full Version : Harder difficulty option in Assassin's Creed 3

06-19-2012, 02:42 PM
I dont know if it is said that this will be implemented in the next installment or not but will AC3 allow you to change the difficulty setting where you can actually die by getting cut by the sword in a more realistic amount of time? Ive only seen assassin's creed games being played at friend's houses other than the first one that I own because the amount of hits my assassin could take made the game much less immersive for me. Speaking from a gamer who usually likes touches realism I got bored with the first game much faster than I expected too because there was never really any need for me to be stealthy or have to run away from guards. Id run around the city trying to get as much attention as I could and id just get hit a bunch of times but still have no problem finish them off. I got bored with the game because the stealth elements seemed to go to waste since even though using different methods to sneak into a city were fun, it still was faster to just run and take the guards head on. Having to run away from guards after I assassinated a target was one of the main ways that the game failed to satiate my cravings. Going through a big group of guards got boring fairly quickly for me. I wanted to be fearful for my life when I see a big group of enemies and have to use stealth and tactics to take them out or die. I would rather be forced to avoid some groups entirely than be able to kill any group with ease due to a forgiving health system.

I understand that the difficulty needs to be easy enough so that almost anyone can complete it but would it too hard to offer different settings so that players who want to die the first time they get stabbed by a sword or hit by an arrow then they could? I know its not completely realistic but I do like to imagine myself in the game and when I can absorb an inhuman amount of blows I no longer feel like I am that awesome assassin.

I read in a preview that the difficulty would be set at a point where it wouldn't be hard to take on a bunch of guards but that you could do an awesome freeflow combo if you are good enough. What would be the harm in letting the player choose if they wanted to be forced to perform that awesome freeflow combo or die to the onslaught? As long as there is a forgiving save system that doesn't bring you too far back in a mission when you die I would love to go through a level a bunch of times till I am able to take out every guard like a true assassin that never to touched by a knife, arrow, or bullet. The sense of accomplishment and the memories of one assassination like this would be worth more to me than an entire game of running straight to your target, killing them, then killing every guard in the area barely using any tactics. I understand that I could still go back and do this for each assassination but I know that I wont if I dont need to. I know that if I went back and tried to kill the target again to make it look cooler I wouldn't get the same feeling of accomplishment as I did the first time I did it. I would only take the time to perform the awesome freeflow combo if I was forced to and the lasting memory of how awesome it looked as I did a crazy combo that led to me killing the target then barely making it out alive before being ganged up on by a bunch of guards would have a very long lasting appeal to me and I would have to make sure that I got this game to live that feeling.