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06-18-2012, 10:56 PM
I would really like to be able to sell my horses that I do not want. Right now I have 2 foals I dont want and they are 56 and 48 age points. Now I have to age them up and deal with them until they retire. I do not look forward to aging up these horses and putting in so much work and horse bucks into horses that I dont want.

06-19-2012, 02:18 AM
Funny, was just going to start post the same thing. This constant horse care keeps us stuck on 1 horse so long, since we can't sell, while foals we bred stand idle because we have so much to do with our XP's before even getting to the horses. Take the good from HS and combine it here. Horses should retire no later then mid 50's since we spend so much XP on each one (less actions on each horse would be a plus to help). I thought this was a breeding game, but we can't keep breeding if we can't get rid of older horses sooner! I was breeding 1 or 2 daily when game started and my other horses were retiring at 20, but now they go so long, i haven't bred but 1 in over a week. I sent some off to rainbow without breeding them just to get room and time to deal with a new foal. We NEED a sale barn like we had in HS. if people could buy other players horses, and breed more, you will see more money spent then the way you have it set up now! It gets really boring, unlike with HS which never got board. always breeding new horses with excitement, and having to figure out which one you have to sell to make room for another breeding. It was exciting and was based off the family genetics so you could be surprised in hopes your genetic decision worked or not. I don't believe ANYONE came to this game figuring they would be spending most of their time picking weeds and cleaning compost piles. Not every horse owners dream!! My long time HS friends are complaining like I am, this game just makes us miss HS ever more, versus adding more excitement, it takes away the excitement.Many of mt old Hs friends that started this game, have already quit, like 6 of them in such a short time. When you said you were combining HS and HH we all thought you would make it similar but you just left HS in the dust! my friends are dropping like flies.

06-19-2012, 09:51 PM
Thanks so much for the feedback. I have made sure your ideas/thoughts are included in today's report.