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I posted this a while ago. Turns out it may be on the right path:

Here, is an interesting factor. Benjamin Franklin had an illegitimate son called William who is known for assisting Benjamin in his famous kite experiment - the whole electricity thing. William I was torn between his Father's patriotism to Founding the United States and his loyalty to the Monarchy from which his Father Benjamin was splitting to form 'united' states. William I spilt from his father and was arrested for siding with the Loyalists (i.e. Assassins!?) and helping form guerilla attacks upon the formation of the Nation. He too had an illegitimate son called William. William Temple Franklin was believed to have been conceived at Middle Temple in England; which is the western part of 'The Temple' which used to be the headquarters of the Knights Templar until they were dissolved in 1312! His father, William I was a student there!

This means that William Franklin who studied at a Templar lodge in Great Britain may be a leading Templar figure in this narrative. He sides with the loyalists whilst his Father Benjamin Franklin sides with the Patriots. And possibly his son William Temple Franklin, whom is taken in by Benjamin Franklin as his own sides with the Patriots may be opposed to his own Father William 1. I feel this all has something to do with the Co-Ordinates of the DaVinci DLC. Isn't it near a Williamstown. Isn't Desmond's father also a William.




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I've read everything that has been posted. I don't know much about the place pinpointed by the coordinates, but the region where it stands is the Homeland of the Mohawk tribe. In their legends, there is one that I found to be very interesting :

The discovery of Fire. Remember what leonardo said during the DLC? And what the pythagoreans are supposed to fight for? Sharing knowledge to everyone. Knowledge represented by the Fire.

Let's come back to our Mohawk legends. It is supposed that the secret of Fire was revealed in a cave, a "sacred place in the mountains". The mohawk have also a legend about a boy who became an Eagle, granting all his descendants the power to see through the spirit world and be the representatives of Freedom and Truth. Some words that ring a bell, huh?



The legend goes that Three Arrows was a boy of the Mohawk tribe and that he would .Three Arrows prayed to the Great Spirit. He begged that soon his clan spirit would appear in a dream and tell him what his guardian animal or bird was to be. When he knew this, he would adopt that bird or animal as his special guardian for the rest of his life. In the legend he enters a cave and is the discoverer of a Great Fire relating to the Eagle! PoE!

The other legend speaks of a child who is known as "He who walks a different path" and is associated with the Eagle. His Mohawk people consult a special Fire and he is described of having a unique vision (Eagle Vision). Eventually he is required to leave his villiage and people. Expelled for not conforming.

In one part it speaks of Kinew, the Golden Eagle:

"From this day on a new creature will enter the World: Kinew, the Golden Eagle. In return for your loyalty, you and all your descendants shall have the Honor of carrying the prayers of Human-Kind between the Worlds of Earth and Spirit. All who see an Eagle shall be reminded of Freedom and Truth. All who hold your feathers must speak only the Truth in a good and kind way. As my view of what happens in this World is different from where I live in the Spirit World, you will spend most of your time in the realm of Father Sky, and view the world below in a different way. As My Vision is unique and different, your eyesight will be keener than any other bird that inhabits the skies."

Freedom and Truth... Eagle Vision... Golden Fire!

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Nice find!

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Second post was pretty interesting. I already knew about the first, but still nice find.

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this is quite something!

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very very interesting. great find!

im expecting about a million different twists in this game.

lots of betrayal hopefully!

oct 30th why u take so long?!

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i don't think that the loyalists are Assassins.

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That's actually some pretty cool stuff you found there.

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i don't think that the loyalists are Assassins.

I don't think he said that, did he? And no they, weren't - neither side was.

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all this information are quite interesting, I hope we see these Mohawk legends being mentioned in the game... thanks for posting them... :)