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06-12-2012, 07:19 PM
The Wind Wheel was $50. In the thread below, this was called a horrible glitch and the wind wheel was temporarily removed from the game. Then it came back, still 500 Facebook credits ($50) with no explanation ...and now it's even more expensive. Because it costs 500 saddle dollars, which are more expensive than Facebook credits (you only get 450 for 500 credits) and since there is no 500 bundle, would cost at least $80 to buy a bundle that will cover it.

I haven't gotten grumpy at all in any of my suggestions thus far and have stuck with the game, because - well - it's fun. If you build enough stablehand huts, it is still playable despite having to use energy to collect horse bucks - although the weeds make the game more a chore than fun, and you have to stop building buildings after a while when you run out of friends. I get it, though - you're seeing how it goes. Changes take time, etc. But this the wind mill is such an easy fix - and I don't see why making the status bar glow or tarting up the graphics trumps it - if it is, as stated above, a glitch. One which was so serious it was taken out of the game immediately with apologies.

I realize the game is in beta and that you have to pay the developers to create it - it's naive to expect the game to be completely free. In fact, I've probably spent about $50 on it so far and probably would have been happy to spend more in the future. But so far you have released patch after patch with cosmetic updates and fixes no one is bothered by, and yet haven't addressed any of the very common complaints about the game play and many of the bugs affecting it -- things on which developer time would have been better spent. And it disheartens me that, despite everyone on this board complaining that the game was prohibitively difficult and expensive, it has now gotten even *more* expensive as saddle dollars are worth less than Facebook credits.

Anyway, this is just a reminder that beta testers are also future v1 players and there are a lot of other things on facebook we could be spending our time and money on. You have had until now a pretty loyal and enthusiastic player in me who is now getting disillusioned. Will I keep playing? At this point, I'm not sure anymore.

06-12-2012, 07:46 PM
I agree with the above. I've been here since shortly after the game opened up to the public, and I've been glad to be around the forums and help players with the stuff I've learned by playing many many times a day (I made it to level 20-something in a little over a month so that tells you how much I had played). Lately, though, I've been getting on maybe once or twice, and after doing NOTHING but clearing weeds, I've stopped enjoying the game. And I've not been shy to say it here on the forums, although like the above poster, I've tried to phrase my suggestions and criticisms in a positive way that doesn't sound too much like whining, or demanding, or 'woe is me, this is hard' complaining. But the same three complaints seem to be coming up a lot: Lack of energy, too many weeds, and friends need to be able to accept more than one job. Without those things being addressed, game play stagnates very quickly and it becomes a chore and not a fun game to play.

Every time there's a new version released, I hope to see at least one of those MAJOR issues addressed. Instead, there are things like glowing bars and extra icons. I do get that coding takes time, and some things (like a market system for unwanted horses) may take longer to make it into the game, but it seems to me that something like the weed spawn rate, or the cost of the Windmill, or that the beauty parlor is STILL in FB credits and not horse bucks, would be fixable in less than 10 minutes. But these issues, which have caused complaint after complaint, continue to seemingly go unnoticed and unfixed. And some things, that make game play even HARDER (collecting composts for energy, and now new players getting even LESS starting energy), keep getting shoved in.

As I've mentioned before, multiple times, I haven't even touched one of my horses in days. I have a foal that I bred last week sometime that hasn't even had one cycle done yet. He's been standing there unnamed for a week. I'm not kidding when I say that ALL of my energy goes to pulling weeds and collecting money, EVERY time I log on (three-ish times a day). And that's just not fun. And I keep waiting and checking the forums and helping players and hoping that maybe something is going to change in the next update that will make the game playable again for me, but when I see a list of patch notes that has to do with buttons and tool tips, and not issues keeping me from playing the game, it gets discouraging. Like the poster above, I don't want to quit, because I like the breeding aspects of this game, and trying to get new colours and new horse breeds. But if something major doesn't change soon, I'm going to get bored pulling weeds, and find another game to play.

06-12-2012, 10:09 PM
Hear, hear - and I've just found another way they've made the game harder!

I just bred one of my horses, a quarterhorse aged 21 of its max 32, I think, and used the ten badges accumulated - and now suddenly this horse has no badges at all! I know extra badges were always used up when breeding, but always before the ones a horse earned by training used to stay with it and could be used again; apparently this has been changed as well.

God forbid we should be allowed to actually be able to play this game - these devs are determined to make it as difficult as possible! Have they actually thought this through?! Granted we're promised that 100% will mean 100% from now on, but it was also made so a quality being 100% sometimes uses four or more badges - and by taking away all badges like this after one use they're effectively making it so each horse can only be bred once in its life (it takes too long to get badges after the first couple of levels of training), and in each breeding we can only go for two or maybe three qualities and be certain we're going to get them - the rest of the 10 or so variables we have to leave to chance! How on earth are we going to get the horses we want this way?! Especially since we then have to go on playing each horse to more and more age years before we can send them to the rainbow bridge and try with the next generation!

Best game on the web? Not if these devs have anything to say in the matter!

06-12-2012, 11:08 PM
Thank you all for your feedback. I have made sure to point this thread out to the dev team.

06-13-2012, 01:44 AM
Thanks. It is nice to know that someone is listening.

For the record, I don't have a problem with the breeding system actually. I think it's fair.

I do, however, agree with Khoiran on most points. I might be willing to concede that spending energy to collect money is OK - because stablehand huts etc. - if the weed generation rate was lower as even my massive amount of stablehand huts can't handle them all and I can only imagine the vast amounts of frustration (and eventual boredom) a new player would feel (even if the SHHs are cheaper, you still need land to build them on!).

But the prohibitive requirements for staffing is a big problem for gameplay. And the persistent Beauty Parlor/Wind Wheel glitches, esp when they've already been identified as real glitches, feel almost insulting when new patches include things like extra sparkles and other graphics changes that are a nice touch but certainly shouldn't be high on the prioritized backlog. And these, unlike a more ambiguous bug, are quick and easy fixes.

Also, these two glitches have become a kind of symbol for "game greed". So it's kind of hard for players to continue to think of the game as a happy diversion which might merit a bit of spend for fun -- and it makes it a lot easier to start viewing it as a time/money pit. Which is how I am starting to view it now. Especially now that "saddle dollars" have been brought in, making everything even more expensive with no added benefit. I realize profit is a motivating factor, but it doesn't have to be a mutually exclusive thing. Does Blizzard want to make money off of WoW? Yes. But do they also want their players to be satisfied so they continue to play? Yes again. That's why they make $50 million/month.

06-13-2012, 05:33 PM
Thanks again, Amber_Horse. :) The team will see this as well.