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06-09-2012, 01:08 PM
Ubisoft tried. They really did. They tried to copy Farmville and make a ton of money to have a horse game almost the same.
Here is why trying to ride on someone else's coat-tails continues to fail.

Farmville had a TON of options. Granted now they are annoying to the point where I won't play anymore, but for a while, Zynga had a good thing going. Then they got greedy. This is where the game started to fail. Has anyone noticed that Farmville has lost it's following? Ubi tried to skip all the steps that led to Farmville's success. There are very few options in Horse Haven and you have to pay through the nose to get them. I am sorry but I am not buying Facebook credits to play a game that could (as Horse Saga did) disappear the next day or be replaced by a different game at the expense of people's money that was spent on HS, (exactly how did you get away with taking people's money for HS and then taking the game down?! I am still baffled by that one) and not giving warning that it was replacing HS because people would have freaked out. Yes, I realize the goal is to make money but to make most of the game only playable with real cash, well that just screams greed and I am not interested in padding a company's pockets that is already loaded, thanks but I will pass. I'll put money into the real horses I own.
I also can't get past the glitches and the ignored requests from fans. I liked HS for the breeding aspect. But Horse Haven is BORING BORING BORING. Foals cannot be gotten rid of until you used a bazillion energy points to (POINTLESSLY) raise them. That along with weeding, compost removal, collecting treats, and horse actions.
Then there is the issue of hay thinking it's water and vice versa, not being able to move hay or water unless I reload, weeds and stuff in the way of everything, (weed growth rate is RIDICULOUS!) actions getting stuck, freezing, crashing my entire computer. On average in a 15 time span I reload three times due to these errors.
Ubi also did what greedy companies usually do. They grabbed their gamers with false promises, and then once they had the initial gamers in, they changed the rules to include more energy useage and real cash needed. Not an unusual tactic, but slimy all the same.
So Ubisoft, you almost lost me with Horse Saga...but I guess you really wanted the gamers gone, because this time, I am done for good. I will have to remember now that whenever I see a new Facebook Horse Game and Ubisoft is anywhere within distance of it, I will be sure to run the other way.
Bravo! You cancelled yourself out ;)

06-11-2012, 02:49 AM
Thanks for the feedback. We truly are working hard to bring Horse Haven out of beta testing in a way that pleases our players and hope you'll continue to provide feedback and keep playing!

06-12-2012, 01:30 AM
The only way you can please the players is to put this game more to the Horse Saga aspect. I hate that the breeds all look the same, its confusing when you are training and have to keep going back to check the breed before putting it in performance of preference . You want us to breed, yet we can't sell the ones we don't need and when they age later, it takes forever. you either have to ignore your other horses you need to bring up to have to level up the one you don't want, takes days, or just stuck with them. I have 5 horses all aging at 32 to 36 area. I have been saving to buy the QH but now that i can, I have no room to get one yet. Its a mess, you require to much leveling up if you also want us to breed or be able to buy more! There is NO WAY I would buy or spend 100 credits to buy the old horse and another 100 to buy the building you need for it, that is nuts! Your prices are entirely to high. The weeds are way to much, and takes away from working with the horses! and the biggest pain is to have to hire friends to help you build but only 1 time per friend! A friend needed to put in a carrot patch?? ridiculousness! In order to do all that needs to be done to finally get around to leveling up your horses requires a person to have to play this game a good 3 times per day and not all people just sit on games all day long! I always played Horse saga 2 times a day, but some days i could only manage once a day! With this game, you need to go in once just to clear grass even after the friends have helped, along with collecting your compost pile and guest houses. Then back again a few hours later to collect the carrots, apples, cookies, herbs, and more compost piles. finally the last time you can actually work on the horses you already have, let alone buy another horse that you don't have time for!! We are held back for the lack of XP's and not being able to sell our horses in a sales barn like with HS.HS was about breeding for specifics and trying to accomplish something, this game lacks that!! The breeding for color and type with other firends horses, was what kept HS going, NOT competitions!!

07-01-2012, 01:29 AM
Horse Heaven is hard you get have lots of money and horse saga you will gain money easy and Horse Heaven is so stupid and shoud go back to horse saga:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

07-02-2012, 01:22 PM
Add some variety in the store. The decorations are seriously boring. 5 plants and 2 trees and every building has a red roof????? lol....please....be creative.

10-23-2012, 09:44 PM
Also, the treats as horses get older. You can only create certain treats in a bakery. WHEN IS THE MINT AND LICORICE coming into the bakery? I feel like I'm wasting my time playing with horses when they barely can get in a competition. I would also breed and then sell the foals so it will help with reaching some of my goals. I really dislike that you need a nursery barn when you have old horses with you. And then as you breed. You get new markings that are unlocked but the age increases! Then I'm stuck with that horse for quite some time. Its nice until they are totally useless since they eat all of your carrots, apples, hay, and water but don't get a "special treat" and the only thing you can do to them (once you use up all of your neighbors for competition) is let them go to the zoo until they reach another age bracket. And what is going on the Fountain of Youth? Am I supposed to train my animals for that? I'm getting really tired of that and think its useless since I use all of my neighbors just to find the youth. Then what happens when you do find it? Does your horses stay forever young? And why is it that I stopped at level 30 and then something happens where I can level up some more but then it stops at level 35 now? I LOVE Horse Saga better than Horse Haven. HH is different than HS which makes it a little bit more interesting. But since I'm at level 35 and can't level up to gain my Horse tokens. It kinda gets boring. Then I can't build the Intermediate Horse Arena bc I have to get all of these supplies to build it and I only get a limit amount of tokens. I'm not gonna pay 28 tokens (2 tokens from what I earned in the game and the rest out of my pocket)! I mean HELLO! This economy sucks! Everyone wants to take your money. I barely have enough to take care of my home and family. I don't want and don't plan on spending it on a useless game that wants us to buy out the butt for stuff. To be honest. Its best to lower prices and make it easier to earn tokens without buying. More horse lovers will play this game more and more if it wasn't so ridiculous!

07-16-2014, 04:41 AM
Feel sad for hearing this!!!