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06-07-2012, 05:08 AM
I'll begin:


- I loved the running Animations. They seemed realistic & vivid
- NPC interactions seemed more lively
- Tomahawk dual wielded with daggger is effective & satisfactory
- Loved the new Commands you can pull off with your Assassins (Though theres much work to be done, the trajectory Montreal is taking with this has Potential written all over it)


- Still no Free Aiming with the Bow eventhough fans have relentlessly askedd for a feature like that
- From what I observed... I expect that when Connor takes cover, especially in the heat of the moment, to get "sticky" to the walls (Kind of like Uncharted 2) which will cause the transition to feel a bit unresponsive. What Montreal should do is make it more seamless and fluid-looking when accessing this feature. It looked a bit off.
- Combat needs to be more challenging

Whats your take on the Boston Gameplay? What did you liked/Would like to get fixed?

06-07-2012, 05:11 AM
Connor be strong enough to punch locks from stockades.

A little cool, but the tomahawk can be used for that.

06-07-2012, 05:57 AM
Epic Naval battles and free roam with boats
Fighting and dual wielding is very nice.
NPC more lively
Connors blending abilities ( now you just "swim" through the crowd
Tree running and cliff climbing
Hunting and deadly and non deadly animals introduced
New equipment and weapons
Running through buildings
hiding in shrubs
If you noticed NPC interact with each other more ( A group of men were chasing a youth down the street) in the boston demo

I am easy to please so there isn't much

There was a glitch were the guard froze
They need to work more on Connors face

06-07-2012, 06:16 AM
Combat should get challenging when fighting harder archetypes.

06-07-2012, 06:18 AM
At the end of it when he's climbing the mast of that ship, after he escapes the guards, I was expecting him to walk "through" that rope like in the other games. BUT HE CLIMBED IT

06-07-2012, 09:34 AM
- Still no Free (http://forums.ubi.com/#) Aiming with the Bow eventhough fans have relentlessly askedd for a feature like that

What are you talking about? We saw free-aiming on the Frontier demo, the targeting reticule was about clear as daylight on the deer. Keep in mind that the Boston Demo was played on Wii U, it mostly definitely is using that touch screen for aiming.

06-07-2012, 10:17 AM
You can free aim with the crossbow in AC:B and AC:R, do people not know this? The bow and arrow free aim is all but confirmed.

-Animations- None reused, looks incredible.
-When Connor was fighting and free running I kept looking at his feet, thought it was cool how they were always on the ground realistically. Makes a difference to the look of his movement overall.
-Can climb on everything (I'm talking about the boat in particular)
-Detail in most textures, animations, NPC's
-In one of the Wii U cam demos I noticed a pig walking about the street :D

-In all the demos, I've seen the "Band" freeze when they've finished fighting. I'm sure this will be fixed, if it hasn't been already (the demos are probably Alpha or pre-alpha)
-I didn't love how many lines were going everywhere when Connor was blending. It was okay most of the time, but at one point there was a million of them going in loads of directions and it looked weird.

I love how I can hardly think of anything for Con's :o

06-07-2012, 10:41 AM
I pretty much agree with what everyone else has to say but I'll post anyway :)


- Beautifully fluid navigation animations
- Moving hay bales make more sense realistically, and add another brilliant element
- Corner assassinations (finally!)
- Tree running is awesome sauce!
- Great little things like covering his face when walking past that guard
- New 'hiding' spots
- Fighting looks neat
- OMG! Swinging through the market place!!
- Through the window. 'Nuff said.
- New use for the 'Brotherhood', Connor even puts his hands together behind his back
- Lifts are back, pretty cool
- Grabs a musket off the rack, ok yeah!
- Followed by an awesome tri-kill. "Killing me wont solve- AHHH!" hehe :D
- Climbing on the ropes, always wanted to do that


- Punching the lock, like what up Hulk
- Alot of the kill animations look the same, but I don't really mind, it's kind of a neat nod to the past games
- The 'Brotherhood' guy freezing
- In one version I saw he grabs the musket after he's already walked past it. Just something probably only possible to allow the player a little bit more time to grab it while running or something like that

TL;DR Version:

My Pros list was just a written description of the demo and the cons were little bugs easily fixed before release

06-07-2012, 03:20 PM

-Connor actually ducking under the laundry and the sheet moving as he passes, instead of him just clipping through it like in past games.
-The animations look very smooth
-Moving leap of faith
-Taking cover
-The branch moving under Connor's weight
-The new use of the brotherhood is very clever
-The way Connor blends with the two dudes just chillin' looks very natural and fun
-After Connor saves the man, you can see his foot resting on the wooden board and he actually moves it once he starts walking, instead of awkwardly "falling off" the plank like Ezio.
-Pushing people into the sea. :D I wonder if some guards will finally have learned how to swim in this game?
-Guards' attacks actually seem to take up a decent chunk of your health and it only starts to recharge once your notoriety turns from yellow to blue. Just standing in one place and killing a whole battallion no longer seem like the easiest option.
-Connor's fighting is faster and more brutal
-The enemies seemed more aggressive (though still not terribly efficient)
-Lots of different animals roaming the streets
-Being able to run up the ropes on the ship instead of clipping through them
-It seems like you can now see NPCs from a greater distance. Maybe it's just me, but it makes the city feel more alive when you can see them moving about far away.
-When the assassins were fighting the soldiers, some NPCs watching seemed to react more realistically to the fight than before. They wouldn't just stand still and stare, they would flinch and look nervously about as if trying to decide whehether they should flee. They didn't feel as much like stock animations as in previous games.


-The ever-present blending circle above Connor's head, it looks like an antenna
-The way Connor grabbed the soldier from a hiding spot was a bit too brutal and instantly alerted the guards. I would prefer a more subtle way of assassinating from a hiding spot. Like how Ezio would just smoothly assassinate a guard from a bench and gently lay him down, without raising suspicion.
-I wish they'd have given Connor a different signal for calling his brethren. Just holding your fist in the air is too subtle, it's unrealistic to expect they would even see that from a distance. I would prefer maybe a whistle or holding up two fingers or something like that.
-Showing the exact distance to your target with a big, glaring icon on the screen. I'd rather they just show it on the mini-map.
-The enemies still appear pretty stupid. The guard walked right past Connor when he wasn't even blending yet and didn't even give him a second look.
-It looks like you have a lot of bullets at your disposal. I really wish there was a much bigger limit, like 10 instead of 25.

06-07-2012, 03:22 PM
-Assassins are used for more than help you fight (they actually were disguised as red coats to escort you).
-Actual random sidequest in the game given from NPC's and they are stackable (like skyrim sidequest kindof).
-Non-Lethal takedown on the guard (the part when connor is hiding behind the wall wait for the guard to get close).
-Blending is really improved
- New Fighting animations and dual wieding makes for more fluid and fun combat.
- Love Connors Sprint animation
-City NPC's and City life in general looks more alive. (they have NPC actually doing everyday activities and they had dogs, pigs, and rats on the streets of boston for crying out loud, just awesome detail).
-moving leaps of faith

-Honestly I don't want to put a Con just to put one. Because I honestly can't thing of any.From what was shown at E3, this game has surpassed my expectations (and they were pretty high). I really have no cons. I'm just anxious to play the game. Everything is improved alot from previous versions, I have no doubt that this will be the BEST AC game so far.