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06-06-2012, 10:21 AM
For easy ref, I've done a spin through the threads and here seem to be the most oft-repeated suggestions/concerns with gameplay:

- too many weeds + energy needed to access compost/guest houses = very difficult to get to a point where you can even care for your horses, which makes the game less fun and more a chore to play. Many people reporting having to spend 50-60 energy just to get to their horses, and then weeds and compost regeneration every 15m - an hour anyway. Some proposed solutions:
----- make compost and guest house gathering free again
----- have weeds only generate once per day (as they did, I believe, on Frontier Ville - the Farmville spin off)

- only one friend per building/orchard/carrot patch/etc. allowed to staff, not sustainable as friends willing to play are used up very quickly and people have to start resorting to adding Facebook strangers which is a) not palattable for many who don't want their newsfeeds clogged with strangers and b) not safe for younger users.
This is bad for you because a) it doesn't build new users, as people usually resort to finding friends from existing members, b) angers players who are then less likely to spend money on the game, c) doesn't create more engagement with the game, as once a willing player is staffed since he/she is barred from staffing again - so often a player simply stops clicking on staffing notices after a a few rebuffs by the game (even if those staffing notices are by friends whose jobs they could actually accept!). Some proposed solutions to keep it challenging and also incentivize new players:
---- harder items or items with higher levels (ie. additional stalls etc.) could require higher numbers of (re-usable) staff -- can be skipped if you pay
---- "double" the freebie if you get a new player to join the game to help

- green screen problem with mayflowers. Fixed! Thank you! :-)

- some items prohibitively expensive. Like the $50 wind wheel (which, actually - who would buy anyway? The monument is only $7.50 and gives you an extra 5 energy points which would take you 50 minutes to earn with the water wheel and only 15 minutes to earn back with the monument. It's a useless item. Better to just buy 6 monuments for that price and still have $5 to spare.)

- difficulty keeping track of jobs and salaries. Salaries are nearly impossible to find (esp. on larger farms) as you are not told what job you have accepted when you click on a wall link -- and even if you do find which building/orchard/etc gives you a salary, if you have more than say, 10, friends it's pretty hard to keep track. In addition, remembering which friends you've accepted jobs from and which you haven't is equally difficult to keep track of. A jobs/salary board, as someone has suggested, would be very useful.

- Gifting problems. (Not counting the group-gift bug that doesn't allow you to gift by group so that gifts reach everyone you tick on your list...) Having requests solely go on the wall is spammy and difficult as wall posts are easy to ignore. Suggestions:
--- like Sims Social, mix wall posts with individual requests (which can be sent to player and non-players both) -- people are more likely to respond to individual requests than wall posts - this includes non-players! - and doesn't spam people who don't want to play
--- offer double or triple the gifts for new player brought in with requests

I think if you worked to improve those issues you'd have a lot happier, more engaged players. :-)

06-06-2012, 07:52 PM
Awesome! Thank you! :)