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06-04-2012, 08:28 AM
as every assassin reading this post as hell well know, assassin's creed 3 is gonna be out in june. as excited as i am, i can't help but notice several tiny nicks in it(or at least notice it from the world gameplay premiere video XD), so im writing this to (i hope) get it fixed. no offense, ubisoft DX.

ok, anyway, first one, this is the 1700s, so, gunpowder at this time would be black powder, not smokeless powder, which is the kind used in modern firearms. the difference? smoke amount. in the video(of the gameplay premiere), at the 1:05 mark, where it shows a ton of redcoats firing their muskets, you can still see the red of the british army. black powder might have at least DOUBLE the amount of smoke, so, yeah.

second one, according to a game magazine i read(i forgot which one, sorry), ubisoft stressed about entering a time of firearms, something about melee weapons being used less frequently. but because of long reload times, they figured that melee will still be on the top list for weapons. but they forgot one more problem of the musket at that time. because it was the first firearm EVER, they had no grooves in the barrels to make the bullet passing through it spin, and so, as every weapon expert will know(im not one, i just watch lots of TV XD) with no grooves and spinning bullets, u have almost zero hitting chance. victory in wars in connor's time depended on large volley of fire. and, if im not mistaken(im really, really sorry if i am), the american side had carved grooves into their muskets, making them more accurate, which creates a new class in the ranks of the army: the sniper.

the third, it is about a little suggestion im making. as everyone knows, connor's tomahawk, the axe-like weapon used by native americans, is shaped like the assassin's logo. that shape can really benefit connor if he realized it. the tomahawk, it has a large gap in the place the assassin logo's 'A' is. that gap can be used to grab long weapons like muskets or swords(as seen held by the british captain in the world gameplay premiere). if ubisoft finds this idea interesting, take it, i like that in the game.

so far, i guess that's all. please, please, as little negative feedbacks in possible, im very very sorry if i angered some people reading this post or something(im just not an american!)

06-04-2012, 10:00 AM
Hey and welcome to the forums :) don't worry, the PC side is more or less dead, mainly bugs and issues are discussed here.

I think it all your facts are very interesting, especially the gunpowder, which i think is something easly fixable :)
But AC3 is not gonna be out in june - it's coming out at the end of october. In june (specificly today, at E3) we are just gonna get a larger taste of what's to come. The worldpremier was pre-alfa, that means that Ubisoft might even know your facts, but because it's still in development they showed us some raw footage. I would also expect some tweeks even after E3.

Ubisoft was more or less always very fond to details and always historicly accurate. So who knows, they might already fixed these details.

/peace out, Scy