View Full Version : Revelations Singleplayer fixes

05-31-2012, 10:55 AM
I have found and assembled working fixes for the some of the biggest flaws of revelations;

- Low FPS/lagg during general play in singleplayer
Turn off ALL of your TV's special options for the display, any ClearPicture's , smoother's etc. just make sure to Disable or turn them all OFF.
this however still does not get rid of the weak coding of the game as you will still encounter screen tearing during fast paced freerunning through Constantinople.

- No Bank income for hours
If this was still not fixed at your game after the latest patch you can use the old trick to keep that timer running,
have at least 1 assassins recruit mission running at any time given. This was how you could get at least some income in the bank before the patch.
Again, ignore this one if you are good after the latest patch.

- No Music after game completion
Rather silent city , this Istanbul, after the credits roll eh? well we still have 9 chapters to replay. Just replay and load the chapter, doesnt matter what part of it and you can exit or finish it again at will. after you loaded Constantinye again, you will have BGM depending on which chapter you replayed. some may have the same music but still its something.
There is a thread about which music is where; but i cannt find it anymore.

These are all DIY fixes that we al can do and try at home, but we cannot do anythin thats already written badly on the disc OR in the MP case, for bad servers ( as the common problem is DCing and not finding any lobbies to play with , albeit having a pristine connection and even NAT type OPEN ) OR the game just plain and simple frezzes mid match.