View Full Version : Think your prices are high enough? And other complaints/suggestions

05-28-2012, 11:30 PM
So, winning a low level saddle seat competition gets you all of 100 HB and compost piles get you 100 HB every 15 minutes... this would be fine except everything in the store is 300+ and all the little missions they give you are wanting you to buy like 8 of them and you get 200HB for completing them... I think your pricing scale is a little off. It shouldn't be 300 HB for a single dirt path or a single carrot patch or a small water trough if you make it so hard to earn money. I know you're probably wanting us to buy FBC which i do on occasion when i have a few bucks to spare but i'd be much more willing to buy money if it actually got me somewhere. But it takes me days to get up to 10,000HB and then all of a second to spend it all on things that really aren't worth it :\ I really like this game but at this rate i'll get frustrated and stop playing and i can guarantee many others will too

Also, do you think you can either speed up the time it takes to make pastries at the bakery or maybe make it to where your inventory can hold more? It takes three hours to make one but you can only have five at a time? they run out pretty quick... especially if you have more than two full grown horses

I'd love for more competitions to be added, like show jumping, cross country, endurance racing and dressage! i know you'll add more breeds as you go, some i'd love to see are arabians(good for racing and endurance racing), friesians (dressage), thoroughbreds, akhal tekes (used as race horses in russia), many other trotting breeds, warmbloods, etc

05-29-2012, 06:55 PM
Thank you for your thoughts and ideas. They'll be passed on to the team! :)

08-01-2012, 10:48 AM
I accidently bought another bakery for 1000HB went to sell it and only got 50HB back (-_____-) guess who got ripped off on that one? :mad: