View Full Version : Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Multiplayer Help!!?

05-23-2012, 09:32 AM
I need some massive help with the multiplayer version on Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Let me start off by saying that i am doing everything right, right down to the tips and hints listed on the loading screen. Only reply is you know what you are talking about and can help me, dont just say 'Throw a smoke bomb and repeadily hit o", I try this and it gets me no where.

When the enemy is hunting me i hide, blend, etc. When they come near me, i throw a smoke bomb and try and escape. Half of the time, the enemy is in the radious of the bomb, but doesnt get stunned. They are completely unnefected while everyone else is stunned and coughing. Wth!? why have a smoke bomb (http://www.busytrade.com/products-search/PSP.html) when 90% of the time it doesnt work for me? Yet i can be 5 feet away from thier smoke cloud and i get stunned and killed. Its BS.. Anyway to fix this?

When i try and counter thier assassination, it never works. It shows them coming up, i heavily tap the o button, and they still kill me. When i do manage to counter the assassination, they manage to somehow counter MY counter and kill me. When its my turn to kill the enemy, they can always counter my assassination, and always stun me, no matter what. Of the 50+ games i've played, ive only gotten about 15 kills. THIS IS NOT A GLITCH. It would not show them actually countering my attack and stunning me if it were a glitch. If it were a glitch, id automaticaly die or be stunned. Whats up? How do i stop this? Is there things to prevent this, or give me the ability to counter assassinations effectivly as i level up?

Also, not too big a deal, but it still sucks. I can sometimes manage to stun or get away from my attacker, but when i start to run, even on a rooftop, the attacker will appear out of no where and kill me. I was iterally running on the rooftop earlier and out of no where someone appeard in from of me, killed me, and disapeared. Is there some sort of invisability potion or some bs i am not aware of?

Any hints/Tips/help would be appreciated. All i manage to do is stand around, throw smoke bombs that do nothing, and get killed and stunned. It sucks, and im tired of it