View Full Version : Few Things

05-21-2012, 06:20 PM
First is that some of my horses appear to not have any leg markings but when they walk in certain directions the leg markings will appear and then disappear when they turn again.

Another has to do with the "To Boldly Go (3)" quest. It told me to upgrade to a Rickety trailer to complete the quest but I had enough money and figured I would save some extra cash if I just upgraded to the one higher than that. Now it doesn't give me credit for completing the rickety trailer since I never bought it.

Also the picture of the old lady on the quest buttons on the left is too big and is partially cut off. The other ones are fine but hers isn't sized right.

For a suggestion, It would be a lot nicer if we had a higher chance of things dropping collectibles...such as trees. Completing the tree collection is one of the first quests that you need to finish and I have yet to collect even one thing from a tree and I've been playing a long time.

Being able to click places for the horse to move without spending any energy would also be helpful.