View Full Version : Why does the microphone feature still not work?

05-16-2012, 06:09 PM
This entirely concerns the Multiplayer side of the game) ( the singleplayer is great)

I have been playing Assassin's Creed Revelations for a while.

- I bought the game hoping they would have improved apon the shamble of brotherhood. ( I got about 10 or so rounds of brotherhood in my entire year and a bit of trying to play that)

And in a few ways they have improved the game. For instance its now playable. You can easily connect to games. ( if we had enough players)

I unfortunately have found that the only chat method ingame ( voice chat ) is completely broken and i cannot communicate with my friends using the game.

Many a time I have attempted to use my mic and its worked. But just as many times i attempt to use my mic and my game crashes. This means i have to play the game unable to contact anyone at all. As a social gamer this is rediculously annoying and makes the gameplay feel almost like singleplayer as there is noone to communicate. Yes you can see thier names and yes you can interact with them by taunting them. Its still rediculously boring as I look for a social experience in gaming.

Between Brotherhood and Revelations there were major changes to communicating.
- Any out of game contacting was removed from revelations ( whereas brotherhood had it - Why remove it?)
- The News feature is still not used at all.
- The Microphone system still crashes computers.

Why can you make it work on the consoles ( which are ancient might i add) and not make it work on PC?

You have had 6 months to get it fixed and yet it still isn't. Are you not willing to put time and effort into your pc gaming community? because I complained about this months back and nothing has been done.

Sorry if you're offended but i'd expect a bit more support from the company.


05-16-2012, 09:15 PM
Most of us (desktop) PC players are using the onboard Realtek soundcard and in my opinion, it's quite good. I am not sure if the problem lies with the game itself, some people claim that the problem is Punkbuster, that is incompatible with Realtek soundcards and therefore causes similar problems to all the games that use it. Neither Ubisoft nor Everbalance have aknowledged this problem though nor have they taken any responsibility about it. there have been many threads about this problem recently but none of them have had any responses by anyone at Ubisoft. Sending a ticket to support might help though, if enough tickets start to stack up maybe they will realise they have to do something about it.

05-17-2012, 07:29 AM
Some players suggest changing your voice chat button from default to something different. This helped at least them.
Then many players use either xfire or skype or both for comminication. Both programs have group voice chat.