View Full Version : Horse Haven partners with Angel Acres to make horses lives better!

05-14-2012, 06:56 PM

New items have appeared in Horse Haven! They have been created in partnership with Angel Acres! www.angelacres.net (http://www.angelacres.net/)

The money collected through the purchase of those items will go to Angel Acres to help them fight against horse slaughter!!!

You'll find:

- a Rescue Barn: It will expand the number of standard horse boxes you build by one and your maximum energy points by one
- some Rare flowers: Decoration
- a Rescue Potion: It completely satiates all your horses and quenches their thirst at once when used
- Cicatrice: An exceptional horse! She has amazing gifts!


Gender: Female
Breed: Saddlebred

Body Color: Light Grey
Mane Color: Light Grey
Tail Color: Light Grey
Hoof Color: Light Grey
Face Marking: Snip and Stripe
Leg Markings: Socks and Stockings
Mane Highlights Color: Dark Grey
Tail Highlights Color: Dark Grey

Age: 5
Max Age: 40
Virtue: Gifted Level 1 in Saddle Seat
Talent: Eager Level 6 in Saddle Seat
Action Mastery: 1-Star Junior League in Saddle Seat

So help us and horses to get a better life now! Play now! >> http://ubi.li/ztkSD (https://g2w.ubi.com/ubili_admin/index.php)