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05-12-2012, 12:24 AM
Let me start off with the fact that I really enjoy horse games. Pretty much any game that involves horses is something I've at least tried or read about and am waiting to have the time to partake in it.

I was very excited to see a horse game on facebook and after playing for a bit I decided to share my experience thusfar.

"Your First Foal"

I was pleased I at least got to have some choice in what I started with but I found it a bit odd that all the colors except a black coat were chestnut and all the manes..chestnut! I suppose some "could" be bay but they lack the black points and there isn't a black mane/tail to match. Colours of horses in games has always been a pet peeve of mine as so few games seem to actually research equine coats. :(

"Starting Out" Tutorial Land!

I decided to follow the tutorial. I noticed I started with 10,000 Horse Bucks. I'll keep track of this over time!

I managed to level up to level 2 while doing the tutorial and obtained the following rewards: 150 horse bucks, 2xplanks and +1 energy capacity.

After finishing the Tutorial I was left with the following:


"Finally On My Own!"

I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of quests that popped up after finishing that tutorial! Four tasks already?! Which one should I start with?

The Quests were in this order: "Expand", First Steps(1), First Things First, Ranch Fundamentals(1). All of these sounded important for a newbie like me.

I decided to just start at the top since that is what most people do I assume!

"Expansion" Quest

This quest wanted me to buy an expansion to my farm. I did so, I suppose I'll need the space!

Gained: 50 Horse Bucks and 5 XP
Lost: 1000 Horse Bucks

I also gained MORE tasks after this! There are now 6 quests..

"First Steps (1)"

I decided to just stick to my plan of doing the quests "in order" so this one was next. Have my horse earn some money at the petting zoo. I cared for Nickerton and sent him off to the swarms of children.

But the quest isn't done until I have done it twice, this involved some waiting for the Hay and Water to replenish itself. I decided to check ahead to the next quest and clear a spot for the round pen I would have to build. Unfortuantely clearing weeds took up my energy to get a spot large enough for the round pen.

Gained: 80 Horse Bucks (and some XP)

I leveled up to 3 during this and earned
250 Horse Bucks, 1x Deed and +1 Energy Capacity.

Quest Completion netted me: 50 Horse Bucks and 5 XP

Total Horse Bucks: 7640.

"First Things First"

I'm starting to think I wont have the funds to do these quests soon. I have to now buy a Small Round Pen for 1500 and I seem to only get small amounts of Horse Bucks as rewards. I bought the pen anyways, it has to get better somewhere right?

I unlocked the achievement "Economist" and gained 150 Horse Bucks and 5 XP.

After Constructing the Pen I earned 100 Horse Bucks and 10 XP for the quest. I also unlocked MORE tasks.

Total Horse Bucks: 6390


I couldn't do Ranch Fundamentals since it involved waiting for carrots to grow so I moved on to basics while growing and harvesting carrots as they're done.

Basics(4) wants me to buy a compost bin for 1500 (why is that so expensive? it's a bin for poo...)

After constructing this I realized I had to wait 15minutes to actually finish the quest...

Total Horse Bucks: 4890

"To Boldly Go..(1)"

This quest was easy, just clicking and finding things which is always good for new players.

For finishing this I earned a whole 50 Horse Bucks and 1 XP

Total Horse bucks: 4940

"First Steps(2)"

A clearing Weeds and ruins quest! I had already cleared 2 weeds and 5 ruins from making room for that Round Pen earlier.

I leveled doing this! I'm now Level 4 and I earned 350 Horse Bucks, 3 carrots and +1 energy capacity!

I also earned 100 Horse Bucks and 5 XP from finishing the quest!

Even more tasks have appeared!

Total Horse Bucks: 5465
First Day Impressions

So far I don't think I am going to be able to progress far in this game! I'm spending way more money than I'm making and the energy limits me even more in the things I can do and how often I can do them. I started out with 10,000 Horse bucks and am now Level 4 with 5,465 Horse Bucks and about 1,330 of that was from quest rewards, achievements and leveling...not encouraging!

05-12-2012, 03:10 AM
Ignore the remaining tutorial quests for now and concentrate your resources on building compost boxes. Once you've built a significant number of these (10-15?), you'll make enough horse bucks to expand your farm at a reasonable pace. :)

05-14-2012, 08:50 PM
Thanks for the report, Marwari! I'll make sure the team sees what you wrote!