View Full Version : Getting back into Il-2, a couple of questions

05-07-2012, 01:10 AM
Haven't played the game in a year or two due to school and other things, but now that I have a much more powerful computer and a good FFB joystick I just had to start it up again. For some reason when I re-downloaded the game onto my computer it didn't come with the aircraft guide that gives you all the planes' specs and which instruments are which, does anyone know if/where I can get it (preferably for free)? Also I'm wondering what mods to get to play online, specifically on the Warbirds of Prey servers (too lazy to start up a new thread over there) and whether the game you download from direct2drive.com (apparently they got replaced by gamefly so I can't check) is 4.07 or 4.08 (I'm asking since you need 4.08 to get 4.09). Finally does anyone know where to get the true airspeed converter? Tried level bombing with the B-29 a long time ago and it was a disaster, hopefully better luck this time.

EDIT: I installed 4.08 and then 4.09 but for some reason 4.09 isn't working (I can't find the SM 79 and the I-16 with skis). I could really use some help getting through all the hoops you need to get into multiplayer. Found the aircraft guide, by the way.

05-07-2012, 11:29 AM
The online communtiy has become so fragmented what with various mods and patches that youre lucky if you can find ONE half decent server to play on on Hyperlobby.If youre an open ****pit (non 'full real') type pilot then the good news is there has been an increase in the amount of 'arcade' style servers .The latest patch is 4.11.1 (yeah 4.11 with a tweak) The 4.11 patch GREATLY increased engine overheating .Ive found myself changing from a 90% ONline flyer to a 90% offline flyer over last year or two.The mods are brilliant but the community is in small fragments now .

05-07-2012, 11:16 PM
Bleh, I'm a full real guy. Guess I'll just see if I can get the mods/patches to work for Zekes vs Wildcats and play offline if I can't. Would be a shame if they didn't work though, since flying carrier based dive and torpedo bombers was a good niche for me back in the day.