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04-25-2012, 02:28 AM
It's obvious that we need a market to sell our horses in, so in this thread, I will propose some great ideas on how to make the market user friendly and well loved by all.

Why is a Market Necessary?

Without a good Sales Market, there is NO good horse game- simple as that.
Unwanted horses can be sold easily to make space for the owner.
People- especially those that put a lot of time and effort into breeding top quality horses- can reap their rewards through the market.
Players can buy unique horses, sometimes at great deals!

How Should the Market be Set Up?

Players can sell any horse: foal, working, retired.
Players can sell their horse at any price they choose.
The market can set a minimum price (Let's say 100horsebucks, since that's how much it costs to breed a horse)
The market can set a maximum price (Perhaps 50,000horsebucks? Not sure what would be reasonable. As "rarer" horses and coats come out, the max should probably increase)
A search engine should be available to allow players to find the horse with desired characteristics, such as: Breed, Age, Gender, # of Breeding Badges, Color, Markings, Training/Skill Levels.
Players can scroll through the horses. Players can decide whether to browse horses by price or "newest first".
Each horse will be listed with the before mentioned criteria so each player knows what they are buying.
Option should be included for a person to "Make an Offer". By clicking on this icon, a player can send a suggested offer to the seller, which the seller can then accept or decline. This could be located underneath the "Buy Now".

How a Market Should NOT Look

Players can only buy horses for FB Credits- This is a HUGE no because the economy is poor, and people (like me) do not have extra cash laying around!
Players are do not get to choose the price for their horse- The breeder should have (near) complete freedom! If someone wants to sell a horse dirt cheap, why not? If someone wants to sell a horse for a huge amount of money, let them! If their horse doesn't sell, they can always drop the price.
Limited amount of horses for sale shown- No. All horses for sale should be available to each player. This makes the market fair and fun.

Donating Horses

As another feature to go along with the market, players should be able to donate horses.
Icon can be placed within market.
By clicking on the icon, it allows you to choose a horse to be donated.
When donated, you get no money. The horse is simply deleted from the game. Perhaps a couple XP could be given to you for each donation.
Horses can not be revived after being donated. They are permanently gone.
Any horse can be donated- not just retired ones. This allows unwanted, hard-to-sell horses to be removed.
There should be a pop-up that makes sure you want to donate the specified horse (so people don't accidentally donate the wrong horse)

I will add to this! Please comment and add your opinions!

05-04-2012, 11:27 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my idea?

05-05-2012, 12:42 AM
Implementation--that's what is needed next!

Basically all I ask is that maybe once a foal is grown, we have the option of sending an adult horse over the rainbow or be able to sell/donate/send away instead of being forced to age them up to 54 age points. Any execution of this idea is most welcome in my books.

05-05-2012, 02:06 AM
I like the idea but would make a separation:

Market: where horses can sell for 100 bucks horse (bringing you back the money invested in a foal may be withdrawn ahead of schedule, or of poor quality).
Auction: place to buy / sell directly or bid on a horse. Of course, look good and put a minimum price máxomo in the auction.

Also, maybe you could add or change the price of the cover. (Still not sure if your friends can see the available horses in your stable) in one of the buildings. But perhaps because this is too much for the game.

05-05-2012, 04:31 AM
it'd be nice to have a way to incorperate studs and brood mares (breeding horses) by other players, this way you don't have to use your own or the pre-selected ones or going and buying a stallion just to breed once...i dont know if im makin sense...post if you do! :) and i luv the idea of this topic! i hope it gets put into the game!