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04-24-2012, 11:11 PM
If any of you have visited my farm you would have noticed how everything is pushed to one side with trees in between items. http://prntscr.com/8huy1 Once you take over an area and it is empty a new building will show up once in a while, even if you have taken over the area to 100%. I recommend you sort your buildings by time and not by building class. 24 hr, 12 hr, 3 hr, 1 hr, 30 min, 15 min, and 5 minute. If you want to maximize your can intake I recommend you go for Long Haul Hike in the city and Cupcakes in the farm. The long haul gives you more cans and you use less energy especially if you have your neighbours harvest them for you. Keep visiting your neighbours because they automatically collect your buildings thus saving you energy. You can then use that energy to take over more buildings.
The best ones to collect from your neighbours are the 12 and 24 hour buildings i.e. clock and post office in the barn, town hall and mega mart in the city.
If you see anything rotten or bloated (divers) revive them because your neighbour will return the favor when visiting your place.
Visit your lowest level friends as they are easy to load while the higher level take a bit longer.
Two of the most needed gifts are energy and sausages. You can never have too much of those items so go ahead and start sending them.

Investment of 'real money' is a major concern for many users and as such I will be able to provide a few tips on what items are the best to buy in the next few updates. One thing you will never want to spend your toilet rolls on is unlocking items you can unlock at a later time when you have actually taken over more buildings. It is a waste, instead invest them wisely in something that will give you something in return. http://prntscr.com/8incn

If you ever see a 'free gift' on the right hand side of the screen CLICK IT as it will give you a sausage or energy for watching a short video from the sponsors. http://prntscr.com/8huco

Before sending in a ticket make sure it's not a user error and try to do all of the fixes yourself. If those temporary fixes don't work then they will be able to provide you with more advanced technical support. Advanced errors are issues caused by servers and no matter how many times you do the temporary fixes the problem will still persist.
Clear cache first and foremost as the issue is just a simple glitch. Uninstall and re-install the game, this will not make you loose your game time invested but will wipe out your inbox. Switch browser as sometimes there are errors with the new updates specific companies make to their browsers and it affects games.
Make sure you have the latest flash player or you will get plenty of bugs and glitches - sometimes the game won't load at all.
‎1) Remove the game from FB.
2) Log out your FB
3) Clear cookies from your browser.
4) Download http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect
5) Close your computer and open it again.
6) Re-Install the game.

Here are a few browsers you can try just make sure they are compatible with your computer specifications, especially the game you are playing with.

Most of the facebook games have the same issues and game companies will blame users for having glitchy computers, this is most of the time incorrect and it is server issues causing multiple players to have the same problem. Ubisoft is a good company and haven't had any issues. I understand that Rabbids - The Lapins Crétins: Invasion is still in beta form so am truly grateful the company hear our complaints and/or suggestions. They don't sweep it under the rug but consider them and then decide on what to do with the information. The one thing that makes a game great isn't the graphics or the items (but that will make a game good) is customer and player support. You can have the best game ever but if it is full of bugs and they aren't fixed in a timely manner then no one will want to return.

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The developers have done a few changes to the game, One you may see is the farm crop costs. The best one is no longer the cupcake but the fries so please make a note of that. The look on expansion purchases has changed but as for the actual cost in terms of coins and sausages that may or may of not changed depending on how many previous expansions you have bought beforehand. http://prntscr.com/8in6s

If you have noticed some items are still locked even though you already clicked like on the official facebook page it's normal. We need more users to unlock those specific items.

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Make sure you ALWAYS have UNDER 25 mail in your box or you WILL have bugs and won't be able to clear anything until you 'reset' your game. You can also ignore messages manually by clicking the x in the game tab of facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/games ).

The chicken and crops bought with TP won't ever wilt. For the others, the time it can be left unattended is twice the time it takes to grow. For example, the garlic takes 3h hours to grow. It will take 6 hours to wilt.

Divers will be in four stages - bloated, ready with a can, diving, or standing around. Divers are needed for several quests and will only be found in cities.

Make sure you remember how much you are collecting from each building you have captured and sort them by time (yes I am repeating this because it's very important).

Veggie Stand:

You may of captured your farm to 100% and gone through to 16% of the city but keep going because new quests will pop out when you reach milestone percentages.

Uplay items are just unlocking specific things and not actually free items. Quest list isn't updated until you finish the ones you currently have. Rock decoration will show up but you will still have to purchase it for about 7800 coins. The costume will not be available for anyone who hasn't unlocked it from the Uplay tab. The energy will show up in your box of crap and not your energy bar.

Certain quests require you to invade buildings but those buildings require you to be a higher percentage level than you currently are. Don't unlocking using toilet paper (buy sausages or energy instead) just keep invading and put that quest on hold.


There is always small changes done to the game and most of you won't notice them unless you go looking. The fences used to be lined up with rabbids (personally I preferred it) and now it's just signs. Beforehand the coins used to be loose while now they come in bags which looks better than digging up loose change.

Many use their personal account to play games on facebook but hate the fact that family (or co-workers) see this so just create a list on facebook and add everyone you want to see your game feeds.
1. Add the name of your list and click on that list. Custom is preferred as it will allow that list to see your feeds and you can add exceptions (family, close friends, and other individuals you don't want to see your game feeds.) http://prntscr.com/8rw6f Facebook never reveals when you choose not to share a post with somebody. http://prntscr.com/8rw84
2. Notifications are when someone sends you a gift it will show up on your facebook ticker. http://prntscr.com/8rw93 This is a good thing to keep track of when you may end up with over 25 notifications. If you end up with too many you can always disable it later.

You can always edit game applications to add them to your favorites to make for easier access.

04-26-2012, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the help guide! I'll stick it :)