View Full Version : Boosting Lobby!

04-19-2012, 08:13 PM
OK, I'll admit it - breaking up one is the single most hilarious time on Multiplayer...

Normally I'm rather condescending on the subject of bashing the boosters, I can't get worked up about them, and I've never run into them on PC, it seems to be a console thing mostly. But having spent 90 seconds in Manhunt wondering where the hell my pursuers were, I went looking and found them letting my teammates stun the sh*t out of them, and having nothing better to do, joined in, filled out a few challenges and waited for the next round round... And then, oh boy! - 23 kills, a 6 figure score, 18 or more accolades, and a shed load of angry voices yelling im my ear to stop!


For some reason they all left during the rematch...hope I run into them again though, most fun I've had in ACR MP for a long time!