View Full Version : Notice to UBISOFT - a default hardware support && pc game software requirements

04-19-2012, 05:41 AM
Dear ubisoft.
Your support team is right. A forum should be a better place for a problem of this calibre. That will be assuming the lead program designer give a f@$k.
All PC games by default should support the following. And if they do not, then programmers and test engineers should loose there heads and their jobs. A game developer that should support the following by default.
1# window mode option
2# multi core(quads & eight core)
3#multi VGA,&& multi GPU
4#multi multi screen.
5#offline patches.
6#full background multi tasking.
7#Support all PC OS
Eg.. Linux, Unix / MAC OS.
8#Infinit installs(reg key linked to account not to PC device) .
Eg ..Google's play-games have ability to be installed across multiple device registered to a single account without further cost(re-buy).
9#no AS IS warranty. Software is a product an a copyright protected product that requires a full guarantee.
10# Native 64bit cpu instruction and full native PCIe 2.0 && 3.0
Including x16 && x32 mode in single slot or//&& peer to peer.
NOTE-unless your not aware, PCIe2.0 & 3.0 single slot
Max pinout bus is x32 .
The x16 is more widely used. And Dual VGA on peer to peer on a dual slot x2(x16)=x32. Or
4 PCIEx @ x8 mode.
Could you provided this to lead progamers and game designers && test engineers. Or provide me with a contact email for a person that can make direct changes game software.