View Full Version : Missing in Revelations

04-18-2012, 07:18 PM
I just started playing Revelations so I'm not that far in. But something I really liked in Brotherhood was the addition of Shaun Hastings talking while you're in the animus about historic figures. I feel Ubisoft should have expanded on this a bit. Instead of Shaun, you could have had Number 16 telling you these things since he's in the animus with you and probably has access to all the data. I wish every new Database entry had someone talking and telling you about the historic significance. That would have been way better.

The series is now starting to feel like all the same stuff now. Not much is new or inventive. Ya the zip line is cool, but really not much different than the parachute. I'd like to see more additions to the animus and how it can interact with people and how it causes the Bleeding Effect. I'm really intrigued by number 16 in the animus with you. This has so many possibilities for the future. I hope the developers don't drop the ball on this new look.