View Full Version : Using XBox Controller Looses 10 FPS

04-15-2012, 04:51 AM
I bought the Razer Onza Tournament Edition XBOX PC controller for my PC a couple of months ago. This is the first game I've been able to use it and I notice a good 10 FPS drop when using it compared to my keyboard and mouse. Is that normal? That sound a wrong to me. I have a Logitech G500 Mouse, Logitech G13 Gameboard, and Razer Anansi keyboard all running background services when I don't use my gamepad and I still get better FPS. I did some research and read something about the games ROM may not be optimized or something? I'm a pretty knowledgeable PC guru, but controllers are new to me.

I should also mention that I was using iz3D drivers for 3D. So far iz3D has the best looking anaglyph drivers I've seen, between Nvidia's and Tridef. But iz3D has a hell of a time running any Assassin's Creed game in SLI.

System Specs:
Windows 7 x64
XFX 790i Ultra SLI
Q9650 Quad Processor
Two Geforce GTX 470 in SLI
Razer Onza Tournament Edition Professional Gaming Controller