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*****First off to be clear, those listed below ARE only suggestions of what the game will look like with the ideas for the upcoming game.*****

** Second thing- I apologize if there is a similar topic about this**
Assassin's Creed III
FIGHT MECHANICS- When i saw the ACR trailer i expected new combat mechanic or improvement to the previous game's one
but i was left a bit dissapointed of the overall of the game since it seemed kind of rushed.

1. Actual Combo moves
A lot of you guys wondered why the game doesnt have difficulty, me to, but actually if we put it as optional in the game
what could be the change, since so far this is about the combat in the game, my suggestion is, the execution streak
is nice, but just targeting and pressing attack kind of feel empty, so my idea here is why dont you put the same
streak system at AC3, BUT after by the moment you've selected your next target, you have still
time to enter some combination of keys to perform special Animation Move. (it seemed that while ezio
was performing execution streak he had split of seconds, enough to do something else by the player's side)
IF you succesfully trigered the Combo itself, the next Connor's target will be dead with the combination of keys, unique
for different animation.

However if you manage to fail the combo the next choosen target, will be struck by Animation move, but will not kill him,
but only lower his health, just like the janissary's health in acr.

Here is where difficulty takes part, if you choose easy, you will engage your enemies with execution steak
and kill them without inserting combo moves, just like previous ac games.
Medium, Hard difficulty will introduce (remember those are only suggestions) the combo mechanics to deliver
the sence that you are actually in there.

2. Double-Countering
I've really expected ACR
to have that new feature- double counter attacking, like some of the moves in the cinematic trailer.
I wasnt suprised when troughout the information about AC3 I've found that they will introduce double countering.
With the additional hookblade in ACR moves i didnt found change in the mechanics at all from the previous game.

3. Enemy's Ragdoll
ACR's npc ragdolls were really annoying and unrealistic, like you kill someone and watch his arms teleport
through their chests and on and on.
In AC Brotherhood ragdolls were really physics-like, and they felt actually really realistic,
with the exception from when you stab someone with the hidden blade and your body goes trough his.

4. Different Weapons, Different Mechanic- Double Execution
I actually wanted to see that kind of thing with ACR.
So sword,maces,daggers- all those had double execution with additional
RANGED attack, but what about hidden blades, spear, crossbow with additional MELE attack (note that i
dont include heavy weapons and fists, the reason about the HWeps are not included is just throw yourself
one quick imagination how silly and unrealistic would actually look like, the second
thing is that it's con such in acb and acr is to not double it with the pistol,
altrough they actually look silly in 1v1 executions)

The fist exeption for double execute (Can be used on Connor to, for an idea) - Reason similar to the HWeps, but how
about Execution streak with fists. Those will include, grounding your enemy and taking his weapon
(remember disarm is a part of the free hands attacks) to countinue the streak,
and lose it afterward to do it over again with countering incoming attack and taking different weapon, which will
not break the chain and even better- will create variety, as you can see in ACR cinematic trailer.
In AC3 im not sure that the enemies will only greet you with muskets after all.


I expect the feel of unrealistic climbing from ACR to be lowered. But once again the difficulty will play its part here to,
for instance, you are running trough rooftop at hard difficulty, you will feel the envoirmental affection of the
current season, like snow or dry weather, depending of the age of the building, you will feel that affecting
the free run either.

I want to see the game like as "a bit of this a bit of that" , like it was in AC Brotherhood where you can decide
which missions you could complete, like the tombs (and if they include new type of- leonardo machines missions)
to be aside from the main story along like the guild's missions, this thing gives the feeling the game is massive
like it was with Brotherhood.

I really want Jesper Kyd to be solo producer this time, im not saying Lorne is bad, but Jesper Kyd work in ACR
seemed kind of distracted.

The reason im starting off with this.
Some of you may have played AC Brotherhood multiplayer BETA in which there was one sound effect that was
bringing really epic feel of the game, about those who did not played it there was a sound effect of when you aproach
a target near those carnival stands (which were included in the most of the maps), where you hear the music from
those stands and your target comes up, and as you come closer to him the music from the stand slowed down
and you can hear heartbeating. I really want this to be brought back in AC3, it felt really epic.

Coop in Splinter Cell, why not in ac3 to, in which you play one of the choosable characters from the AC Brotherhood
ezio's recruits and you choose missions in the diffrent cities
from the ones that ezio sended his recruits and you are to be those recruits to check out what actually
was going on on those mission, and to level up and rank (My point is you saw how Ezio sended them
on mission, you will see those missions from different perspective as the assassins he have sended).
I know ac3 and acb are two different things, but
it will be cool to bring back the old atmosphere.

1.It will be nice if they actually include pros and cons in every character seperatly to create unique feeling of the game.
2.What about (non stealth focused) open conflict enabled type of sessions, where you can put combo moves as singleplayer
to avoid being stabbed for instance, countering or using some NPC from the blend group you are into by grabbing him
and protecting yourself with him from the incoming pursuer to trick him into killing him- can be used as an ability.

One final thing, I really want to see RAIN, RAIN, RAINY weather at this game.

I will edit the topic if more ideas come up (most of those were inspired by ac brotherhood and little bit from acr as you may have noticed), but be sure to discuss or put your own suggestions about the game. I hope my english wont burn your eyes hah. Some of my ideas ive put here sound bad to me, but ive posted them anyway. Someone may
like them after all, dont know.

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None of this matters, AC3's been in dev for around 3 years, so no suggestions from moi.

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Yes, thats why they are only suggestions.

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To the OP:
I find your lack of proper grammar disturbing.

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Are you kidding me!? ACR's Soundtrack was beautiful! Jesper and Lorne make a very good team.

04-14-2012, 06:37 PM
Its not my native language. Its not like i know english and english, if you know what i mean.
PS- Discuss the topic's content, dont be english teachers, k ? :))

Are you kidding me!? ACR's Soundtrack was beautiful! Jesper and Lorne make a very good team.
Thats my opinion on this, just saying Jesper have done better, Lorne is just to repeatative in his tracks.

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Isn't there a feedback thread for this?

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I couldn't read your post. I was too busy looking at your hair.

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will there be 1v1 battles either online or not online (against friends at home), and how will you use the bow and arrow and guns will it be the lock on or will it be different from the previous games. also with hunting does it change the amount of money you get for shooting the animal differently (amount of shots and area where the bullet is)

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I couldn't read your post. I was too busy looking at your hair.


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It was said before, but anyway.. ACIII has been in development for quite a while. The developers won't look at the forum and be all like "Hey, let's change the whole game, this guy makes some good points." But I suppose you're aware of this. At least you're not posting some fanon and expect Ubisoft to actually take that in consideration, you wouldn't be the first one on the forums to do that :P

To your points. While most of them are valid, I think it's kind of sad that you only use ACR as an example for the bad things. Each AC games had its downs (as well as ups), none was flawless. Most of the points you mentioned appear in other AC games as well.
Also, we know for a fact that mostly everything will in fact be fixed. Rain, improved combat, new climbing and free running moves et cetera have been confirmed.

And nothing against the Revelations music - as in all other AC games, it was simply fantastic. Although I still think that ACI and ACII had the most memorable tracks.

To the OP:
I find your lack of proper grammar disturbing.
As a native speaker, you have no right to complain.

04-20-2012, 05:29 AM
I hope they change the gentle push animation.. I think it would be better if Conner does not put his hands on people like Ezio. Maybe a more realistic version, like simply turning conner slightly and not make an emphasis on push. Seems petty but hey, they say Conner has all new animations and is not like Ezio.