View Full Version : Suspected bugs with card effects

04-13-2012, 05:58 PM
I have been experiencing the following and believe these are bugs. Do correct me if i am wrong.

1) The Herald card "Uberto Alberti" - Card effect: When Uberto Alberti scores, erase another target Agent
Problem: When there are no other agents available on the field and this card scores, the game crashes and the program restarts itself. I believe this should be handled.

2) The Courtesan card "Teodora Contanto" - Card effect: Pay 2, sacrifice another Agent: Neutralise target Agent with Power 4 or less.
Problem: When I choose to use this effect, the screen dulls and my other agents light up for selection. However, if I then decide not to sacrifice my agent and selects "Cancel", my Teodora Contanto returns to my hand! I thought that "cancel" would mean not using the effect and the cards should remain in my field. Furthermore, it does not make sense for the card to return to my hand and i need to spend another 3 gold to launch it back into the field and run the risk of it getting eliminated by tons of action cards while it is launching ...

3) Using "Tactical Upheaval" on "SAFE" agents - Card effect: Switch the Powerand the Health of target Agent. Draw a Memory.
Problem: When tactical Upheaval is used on a "SAFE" agent for example with power/health 0/4, the agent suddenly becomes 4/4. Initially, I tried to convince myself that this is meant to be the case since the agent is "SAFE" and swapping it's health with power will make it 4/0 which is equivalent to killing it. Since it is "SAFE" and cannot die, the only natural thing to do is maintain its health at 4 while giving it power 4. HOWEVER, i recently witnessed Tactical Upheaval used on a "SAFE" agent who has 2/4. Technically, I would suppose that the "SAFE" agent will hence have 4/2 thereafter since it does not risk killing it. Nonetheess, the agent gets 4/4 instead, which to me is inconceivable, hence strongly believed that this is a bug.


04-13-2012, 07:20 PM
The Palazzo Library states that if you replace a site with it, the site is put back into your hand. Given that the wording is still 'replaced,' why does the Master Engineer's effect not apply? It states that any time a site is replaced, the new site gets +2, but this doesn't work with Palazzo Library(s), or the Basillica di San Pietro, for that matter, if it returns to the hand as opposed to the archive. I was excited to test this strategy after the market opened and was disappointed that the effect didn't seem to work. Is this meant to be or is it a bug?

If it's a bug, I would also imagine that the Basillica di Santa Maria Novella's ability would null just like the Master Engineer's, if one were to continually stack Basillica di San Pietro(s).