View Full Version : Question about revelations

04-11-2012, 08:59 PM
Hi, I am new here, I come from Mordor...maybe you know that forum.

I have been a fan of assassins creed for some time now. Have played all of them except the last one. I liked the most the first assassins creed game. It was stealthy, with amazing story and hitman like gameplay. I loved the characters, the gameplay and the story. Especially thous heart to heart moments with targets.

However sequels seemed somewhat lacking the first games atmosphere. Sometimes it seemed that I am playing a uncharted mod or something. Not stealthy and assassin like at all.

So I want to know if revelations are like the first game or more like its sequels.
And what about this assassins creed 3? Will it be a crazy action adventure/super fun time or something more assassin like?