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04-08-2012, 01:12 PM
Just here to say, while I am NOT usually a player of any ___Ville type games or any facebook games for that matter, I've really been enjoying Rabbids Invasion so far, but I have a few questions regarding play.

1) When you visit a friend's farm/city etc, you get a number of lightnings which you use to set Rabbids in fire and have them poop on the crops right? So far I've got a max of about 7 of them, and I wanted to ask how often does this replenish? I kinda estimate it to be every 24 hours but I'd like to be sure.
2) I like that there is an "earn toilet paper" feature which involves getting some for purchasing something on a shopping site as I find it more justified than just buying facebook credits; do the websites available change periodically then? I take it that the ones I'm getting are based on where I live too [I'm in the UK] and there's only so many shops I do shop online at.

That should be about all at the moment I think.

04-09-2012, 05:38 PM
Hi robocoddess,

Thanks for your questions. Here are your answers:

1) Indeed, the energy you have at your neighbors replenishes every 24h.
2) The websites are updated regularly through the partners we work with. You also have the options of watching videos or advertisement to get free in game items (banner below the game)

Glad you enjoy playing Rabbids Invasion!