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please read through the whole thing as it includes feedback for all 5 AC titles

Okay so for the most part we can all pretty much agree that AC Revelations was basically a failure, and even somewhat pointless. It completely drew away from the style and themes of the first 2 games (which to me were the best 2). Theres close to no Assassination missions, the in-game combat got even easier, theres no exploring to do (tombs or lairs), and the general amount of freedom you have is definitly taken away.

Im gonna start with my feedback from AC1 & 2. In these 2 games (more noticabley in AC1) in almost every mission you have the freedom to complete the mission however choose. Especially when it came to the main assassination missions, you can be stealthy or go all out fighting, and choose which ever route you want. In AC2, although some missions had a set path for you to follow, the missions mostly gave you freedom. Also the stories of the Assassins and what they did were much much deeper and really drew me in as a player. In AC1 you are just introduced to the peices of eden, the animus, and the war between Templars and Assassins. But at the end of the game when you get to see the power of the apple and you learn a little about what the Templars are after, the game drew me in even more. Then in AC2, everything is opened up to you in a deep and interesting story. And with a new Assassin, new places, new time period, this game sucked me in like a black hole. The ability to really interact with the world around you seemed amazing! There was also the tombs, different cities, and all the famous Italian landmarks to discover and explore; which really gave you so much to do in the game. All this really opened up an amazing storyline that i loved (I played through AC2 4 times lol). My last reguard is a smaller one, but to me AC1 and 2 looked much better then ACB and ACR(especially AC2). The first two titles looked more realistic and things seemed to flow more, and in ACB & ACR the game's looked completely changed and it just looked more like a video game. Some things were choppy and just didnt flow together as well and they didnt have that realistic, shiny look that AC2 definitly had, and it really did make the game that much better.

Now for AC Brotherhood, although i wasnt a huge fan, i think this subtitle was a good idea to end Ezio's story. I think Brotherhood was pretty much fine the way it was(except for the graphic change from AC2) but only because it was a continuation of the same story of the same assassin in the same time period, not that much really even couldve changed. I like the idea of chasing Rodrigo to Rome to kill him fell right inline with the rest of the story. There was still puzzles to solve a few tombs and lairs to explore and there was definitly plenty to look around at in the huge city of Rome.

However i think the style of Brotherhood should have stayed in Brotherhood, and not have continued to Revelations. As i said i dont like the style of ACB that much, but the style and how it fit the story made it acceptable. ACB only had one large city fit the story perfectly because Ezio only needed to go to one city to get to his final target. Ezio finally killing the man responsible for the murder of his family (which was his mission from the start of AC2) and how he hid the apple away wouldvle been a PERFECT end the the story of Ezio Auditore. It is clear as day to me that Revelations was incredibly rushed and forced out, which was ridiculously dumb when we all know that Ubisoft has the potential to create an amazing titles such as AC1 and AC2. We saw everything we needed of Altair in AC1, and all the players remembered him as the legendary Assassin from the first game that killed all Templars and overcame the power of the apple. More of Ezio was also kinda unessecary because we saw an entire story line from when he was a young teen all the way untill he finally completed his decades long task(kill the men responsible for the death of his family) and he hid away he apple of Eden as he seemed to end his life as an Assassin.

In my opinion Revelations, or any other sub-titles of the series, should never have been created after Brotherhood. Brotherhood ended the story of Ezio started in AC2 perfectly, and the series definitly shouldve rested for an extra year before producing AC3 this year. Revelations was pointless because it forced more into Ezio's story that really wasnt needed at all and all the stuff they took out of the game made it just outright boring. I also think we didnt need 6 more little glimpses at Altair's life because if you read the Codex in AC2, you will find out everything that happenes untill he dies! Also the fact that the glimpses of Altair in Masyaf look so different in ACB than they did in AC1 dissapointed me. Ubisoft already started to run the series down the toilet a little bit in ACB, so why couldnt Ubi leave the first 2 how they were. Why ruin what AC1 was and who Altair was??. Altair didnt even LOOK the same as in AC1!

I hope AC3 can go back to the ways of the first 2 titles. So far from hearing that it includes cities like New York and Boston, and how Connor is hunting down Templars on both sides of the Revolution, makes the game sound like it will. I think Ubisoft should also include Philadelphia though, it was definitly an important city at the time as a lot went on there, including the Declaration. Also hearing that we will see a lot of Desmond gets me hype for this title, im just hoping to God that it isnt't a letdown like ACR was.

I hope the combat becomes harder and more complex instead of just tapping the attack ****on once every few seconds to kill people in a fight. It's WAY to easy and what fun is a game without challenge? I honestly dont think I ever died from combat in either ACB or ACR... in AC1 and AC2 we had the quickstep and other moves that you had to use to your advantage to win fights which made it challenging but fun, not just being able to hit the attack ****on once per person(ITS BORING).

Well thats all my thought on the series as of now and if you read all the way to this i appreiacte you taking your time to do it and let me know if you agree/disagree with any opinions i made.

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true I think they should make AC3 half the price just to make up for the fact that Revelations was redundant to say the least

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After a magnificent that of AC2. Fans/players/critics applauds. So as did i. It was the right move, it was a necessary move i'm whole-heartely praised Ubisoft's decision on making Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It must continue on Ezio and Ezio's story. To stop and not making Brotherhood would've been a mistake business wise and a total disregard for their fanbase as a whole. I did like Brotherhood. Plus, it was the first in the series to have a multiplayer feature, and the Virtue Reality Training Room.

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im not reading all of dis

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im not reading all of dis

I doubt he'd expect you to.

You can't even spell. :p

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I doubt he'd expect you to.

You can't even spell. :p

yea i never even learned to read xD

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im not reading all of dis

These things and the fact that the title just doesn't appeal to me.

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True. AC1 is best AC for me, AC2 was too too epic; Brotherhood was good too, though fighting etc. was much easier. In Revelations I missed "requiescat in pace cutscenes", as you said, Assassination missions and except Janissaries, fighting is pretty easy. But still it's my favorite franchise. Still I can see there magic of AC world. I think AC3 would be epic. :) I believe so :)