View Full Version : ACR: Texture streaming issues/stutter on 301.10 driver?

04-05-2012, 12:12 PM
Hi all,

when I run around in Constantinople every time new data (textures?) gets loaded there is stutter *very* noticable. I've never noticed that this bad in ACII or Brotherhood or with older NVidia drivers.

The data gets loaded from my Vertex3 SSD, I also tried a superfast RAMDisk, sadly with the same behaviour. So it hat to be a driver or texture streaming issue.

Unfortunately I can't change back to an older driver because I own an GTX 680 an I have to use the new 301.10 driver. I've tried already with an modded 296 driver but that driver didn't work.

Does anybody else have this problem with the 301.10 driver in ACR?

Thanks, S.

UPDATE: I just read that the 300.83 driver on some GTX680 vendor CDs is supposed to fix a certain vsync stutter problem. Gonna try that one out..

UPDATE 2: Yes!! The 300.83 driver fixes the problem almost completely! :-)