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Just been derpin around on youtube and ac wiki lately, came across subject 16's profile and decided to read it. got a few questions :D

1. With regards to the ACB truth video, i understand that clay was referring to lucy when he said "she is not who you think she is", the hole thing about eve, well that will probably be AC3 related so i can wait :) But he also mentions, "it's far later then you know it, to late to save them... everything you hold dear, it's already gone" & "the sun.... your son'.
I keep thinking about those sentences... could the first bit bout it being to late to save then and everything you hold dear is gone be a reference to lucy being a templar? and who is "them", in the final cluster clay sais something along the line "soon you will be with me, the path will be opened" obviously lucy being killed was planned, so that leaves us with thinking about who was clay talking about? so why is to late to save "them"?

"the sun... your son" this would be an obvious reference to sun... except with the sub titles it's specifically spelt son, which is referring desmond's child! I won't jump to conclusions, but it has really got me thinking, ubisoft have stated that they have big plans for desmond in their recent Q&A, maybe something involving desmond's son will happen. The only reasonable answer i could think of is that desmond stabbed lucy in the womb and hence killing desmond's child, but this would assume that desmond and lucy... did unspeakable things :O:O.

I don't quite remember the after scene of the truth video, has anybody got a link? I'm talking about when you finish the truth and their is a little scene, don't really want to pass the game again but is their any dialogue that goes on? i can't remember :\

2. Has their been any statements from ubisoft regarding Clay making another appearance in AC3? Revelations cleared subject 16's story/purpose up, but TLA wasn't that great,
they could of made it much better.

Share your thoughts guys :)

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Ubi hasn't said anything about Clay being in AC3, but I don't really see how it is possible. As for Desmond stabbing Lucy in the womb, I think it was first because she was a Templar, and second as a preemptive measure so Desmond couldn't have any kids.

03-31-2012, 03:07 PM
It could be, for example he could have left messages in that time, he know that GW had the apple, he must have some relation to it. I suppose that makes alot more sense, but what could be the issue of desmond having children? would abstergo plan on using the baby as a subject considering it would have all of desmonds memories :S