View Full Version : First Ubisoft purchase and what a saga! (PC)

03-28-2012, 09:17 AM
Hi, hoping someone can clarify and provide some rationale for the ongoing saga I have been thru with my first ubisoft purchase.

Despite taking forever (seems) to get responses from tech support, and in the end being advised to go back to the retailer to address an unvalid online account key (which i queried with tech supoport twice in prior discussions), the retailer went back to their supplier, who went to (beleive it or not) unisoft and got one.
(This all occured after the supplier insisted I return the game) ?!?!

I do not understand why ubisoft tech support could not have supplied one in the first place, once they verified that I actually owned a genuiine copy of a game, and the account ket supplied was invalid...which occured.

Anyhoo the latest issue is that i have had to replace my pc and when I reinstall i see a message that the online aco**** key has already been used.
Does anyone knowhow I can fix this...surely dont need to buy a new key?

One of the reasons for replacing the pc was the poor performance of the ubisoft game.

I am also seeing another customers details when I log on to the support site now.......

As I said a saga (taken 6-8 weeks, and any direction and advise would be appreciated.