View Full Version : Matchmaking is broken. Again.

03-23-2012, 02:12 PM
After yet another of your urgent maintenance http://twitter.com/#!/Ubisoft
Seriously, how often this gonna happen now?
Fix your servers.

03-24-2012, 01:04 PM
I love how UBI tells their OWN customers OVER TWITTER and NOT HERE unless i am mistaken and blind what is going on.

Talk about service. With this company you actually have to find FIRST where they serve you. Twitter to me is for twats. I dont use it. I think twats use it.

But i agree with your statement.

Here is a job for you UBISOFT:

Get a random computer. Install Revelations from scratch with all its patches. Then try to play your game. Just do it so you see what an average person goes through to get this game to work. And dont have some IT wizkid install it either who would know right away where to look for ports, patches, problems with sound, issues.ect.

Then, after you have done that, you will step into our shoes and truly see what we are up against.

I got my 6850 but uninstalled REV, for the 8th time since 1.03, since matchmaking was broken. It would sit and count up and then either remove me, or other players from my session and leave me with none or it would throw me into another session where all would be repeated again and again. Or i would get stuck in trying to create a session. But never would i enter a game.

So, i found Microsofts' FREE Flight and its pretty as well as fun and here is the kicker......NO BUGS.