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03-21-2012, 03:22 AM
dear ubisoft i don't mind DLC... as long as it doesn't cut into the actual story if i find out that in ACIII you guys cut out huge chunks or any at all you would have lost my dollar. i don't mind paying for DLC for extra side quests, just i buy games mostly for the story and if the story is incomplete i feel i spent my money on an incomplete product. i understand you guys need money for games especially since piracy and used games sales are at an all time high (mostly due to the fact that DLC is perpetuating the problem) just when i feel satisfied about a game and its story i want to invest more money in said game because i want the developers to know i am interested and want more games from them. before you did that by buying games from the same publisher now it is achieved through DLC. please for ACIII don't hold out on the story just to make DLC if you do that I've lost all reason to play a game. (i barely have money to spend on a game in the first place so please understand that i have to be very fickle about the overall experience otherwise it is a waste of my money) god i miss the PS2 era in gaming at least then i didn't have to worry about weather or not I'm getting short changed when it comes to the story... please i am begging you if you include everything that has to do with the overall story ill be more inclined to buy DLC. (only for extra missions and what not) just never never prevent me from playing the story all the way through. I've already stopped buying games from eidos because of the DLC for deus ex: human revolution like i refuse to buy ANY game no matter how much i might wanna play it out of fear the shear fear of an incomplete and/or incoherent story. to this day i regret buying the game. so please don't do this again like you did with the other AC games. i recently found out about the story DLC from someone on gamespot and it really pissed me off. thank you and ill be eagerly awaiting a proper response.

the reason i didn't know about the AC DLC is because i play games on OnLive and they only have the multiplayer DLC.

the AC are really long and have a lot to do in them just... the story is really important to me because i pay more attention to the story in my first play through than in my subsequent play throughs and i normally buy DLC after i play through the main story so if the main story is missing something and i don't know about it then...... sorry i don't have the right words to describe what i want to say... just please think about the consumer who really really wants to support the developers, but who keep getting punished and short changed because of pirates and used gamers.

also i do buy used games though mostly for games that are out of print and will never go back into print or was on a very limited release and will never go back into print as is the case for like ALL JRPG's which i really enjoy.

also about gamers entitlement i feel entitled to getting a Full product at original purchase, do you buy half a hamburger and is told that the bun is extra? or a twinky and told the cream is extra? no you don't. i remember DLC back in the day was a way to ENHANCE a game you previously bought and enjoyed but wasn't needed to get the whole experience.