View Full Version : Animus outclassed by DDS?

03-19-2012, 06:25 PM
One thing that is on my mind since i played Project Legacy, and i couldnīt get a satisfying explanation till now.

When Abstergo has the DDS which can be used by everybody, why do they still use the animus?
As far as i know for the DDS you need the genes of a person, and then everybody can relive the memories of this persons ancestors. An animus-subject can only relive the memories of their own ancestors. When Abstergo wanted to search for the location of the pieces of Eden in Altairs memories why didnīt they just take Desmonds DNA, put it in the DDS, kill Desmond and relive Altairs memories for themselves?
Could it be that the DDS is just a computer program, not able to show visual memories, but just letters and numbers? Thatīs the impression when playing Project Legacy. So there would be no bleeding effect in the DDS too, but in the wiki it says there is indeed a bleeding effect.
We donīt even know what a DDS looks like but for me it sounds like a much more useful machine than the animus...

03-19-2012, 07:08 PM
Extracting memories via the DDS apparently has detrimental effects on the subject. Think prolonged exposure to the animus (read: S16).

Also, I'd have thought that establishing synchronization would be easier if you used the animus with the original subject due to gene compatibility.