View Full Version : More "Shorts" Like Embers

03-14-2012, 04:23 AM
Hey, guys. How would you feel about Ubisoft making more videos similar to Embers? Personally, I loved it. The art-style, the voice acting, the story, the music...everything. Basically, I'm talking about shorts with a similar art-style, and that tell some interesting side-stories that we don't see in the game. We could get more stuff on Ezio, Altair, Yusuf, Da Vinci, Malik, the characters from III, etc. I think it's safe to assume that we'll get another short of some kind for the next game (we've had something like it since AC2), but I'm talking about shorts made in this same style. Any thoughts?

03-14-2012, 05:43 AM
One about Yusuf before Ezio arrived in Constantinople would be sweet. I also loved the art style they used in Embers.