View Full Version : Will say it again about multiplayer, this time for AC III

03-12-2012, 11:59 AM
As i said it when played brotherhood multiplayer, as i kept on saying before and after revelations release and now again i will say it:

We, the assassin's creed PC gamers want one simple, easy and full of joy thing: ffs normal servers!!!!!

We are experiencing in this moment, since over a week, serious problem with stupid matchmaking, multiplayer is unplayable 'cos we can't join any stupid session.

In assassin's creed III multiplayer should have servers system like in classic games, eg quake 3 arena. I want to customize my game, i want to set time duration of a match, i want to play 10h match, not stupid 10 minutes!!! I like to play on my favorite server with ppl who i know and i like to play.

Ubisoft, in one movies before releasing revelations one of your employees said thing like this "we were consulting mp experience with gamers, ac community" and first thing which came to my mind was "what a load of bs!!!!!". If you really were listening to ac gamers so i can diagnose you are God **** deaf.

03-12-2012, 02:03 PM
It may be a good idea to implement some setting like match duration in private sessions. But any regular games must be handled as it is, by matchmaking system. Teenagers as server admins is the worst thing that can happen to any MP game.