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03-08-2012, 05:02 AM
I feel rather sad, looking back, that a lot of important people have been used to help Desmond, unbeknownst to him.

Altair learned a lot in his life, and when he died, he died knowing his information was to help someone else. I don't recall if he ran into Desmond (I'd have to play again) but he did realize his life was at an end, and his purpose was merely to pass the torch to the person worthy to grab it.

That person was Ezio, who was also just a messenger. He was used, bringing Desmond a message/warning in AC2 in the Vault. And in Revelations he discovered, and accepted, he was not the end-all of the Templars. He was just another fighter in a century-long war. He would not be the first, and he would not be the last. If you think about it, our whole experience with Ezio can be summed up as "a message for Desmond". Despite Ezio's fantastic contributions (rebuilding the order, finding Altair's library, etc), it really boils down to him helping a mysterious person who wasn't born until hundred of years after his death.

And then there's Clay Kaczmarek. His story is arguably the most tragic of the modern day assassins - raised to be something he wasn't, by a father who struggled with him. He had a dilemma, a sort of "loss of purpose". He did his best, joined the Assassins, and found hope. Then he was sent in on a dangerous mission, abused, betrayed, left for dead, and driven to insanity/suicide. For who? Desmond, of course. He even acknowledged, and agreed with the fact, that he was left only to assist Desmond.

I understand Desmond is important - very important - and I'm not diminishing the lives we viewed through the past games by saying they were basically worth nothing (they were worth tons). I just can't help but view the big story arc as a whole, and realize how it seems fate just puts people in their place in this series, and there's really nothing they can do but accept it.

I have a feeling Connor will undergo something similar...

Anybody feel similar sympathies for these characters? :p

03-08-2012, 10:01 AM
Both Alta´r and Ezio did much more than just help Desmond. They both revolutionized the order in their time and they struck significant blows to the Templar order. To say that their entire lives were only tools to be used to help Desmond is just wrong. They were absolutely necessary to help Desmond, but they did much more than pass on a few messages.

As for Clay, yeah he was pretty much used as a tool.

03-08-2012, 10:05 AM
As Lightrey said... I think Connor will help to set up a assassin foundation in the Colonies, take down templars, and of course have some kind of access to the grand temple, which is why (I think) Desmond goes back into the animus.