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03-07-2012, 07:56 PM
Greetings Assassins,

We are happy to announce that Title Update 1.04 is ready to go! Now, we know that this particular update brings with it a lot of changes that many of you have been looking forward to, so letís go over exactly what will be addressed in this latest update to Assassinís Creed Revelations Multiplayer:

Adjustments to Smoke Bomb

You cannot kill your target through their Defensive Smoke Bomb by rolling into it.
Visual and Audio Feedback has been improved to better judge itís when the effect it in play.
Smoke Bomb effect will affect players on differing elevations, such as stairs and slated rooftops.
Adjustments to Poison

You can now poison your target in 360 degrees rather than only with the right hand.
Once poisoned, you can no longer stun your attacker, but will be able to stun other attackers.
Adjustments to Targeting

The forced assist on Bodyguards/Decoys has been removed to avoid killing them even when the real target is locked.
An assist has been added to prioritize a live target over a ground target.
You will no longer be able to lock another target while in a kill animation.
Targeting prompt will no longer appear during a Stun animation.
Improved Target Acquisition System to avoid long waits for a new Contract some were experiencing.
Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue where the compass would remain locked for a whole match.
Resolved the issue where a player could possibly remain in disguise for an entire round.
The Targeting prompt over a Decoy now appears instantly, rather than on a delay.
Fixed the possible crash when deploying a smoke bomb on both a Target and a Teammate.
The update has already started rolling out, and will be available worldwide by the end of the end of the week.

Thanks for the feedback, Assassins!

Safety and Peace.

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