View Full Version : Brotherhood Trophies and Achievements

03-07-2012, 10:21 AM
When Brotherhood was first released, I didn't play multiplayer very often, and when Revelations was released, queue times began to soar, making the level 50 trophy much much harder to get. I also noticed that it's Revelations counterpart was reduced to 20, making it easier. Due to the new multiplayer being released, I would like to ask others if they would wish this trophy to be reduced from 50, simply because the amount of time needed is asking too much. I believe it would make everyones lives easier if it were reduced to 20. I don't believe the other trophies should be altered, as they can be achieved with friends or little game time. The more difficult ones might cause people to want it changed for more Revelations like trophies, but otherwise, I think it's unnecessary.

So my question is, would you prefer Brotherhood's Download Complete Trophy/Achievement to be reduced to 20, like in Revelations?
Are there any other trophies you would like changed, and how?