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03-06-2012, 10:22 PM
There's a lot of people around the internet expressing concern over the direction of AC3's story, especially in regards to what side Connor will "belong" to. First of all, I too share your concerns. I do not wish to see Connor being a Patriot full stop. Nor would I like to see him supporting the British full stop. I want him to be what he is supposed to be, an Assassin who belongs to the Creed. This should involved rooting out Templar influence whether it lies in the American side or the British side. Now there are a few points we should consider before we jump to conclusions:

In every AC game thus far, both sides of the conflict within it's respective setting came into conflict with the Assassin.
In AC1, the Crusaders were at first painted as the bad guys, but as the game progressed, we found that the Islamic Caliphate also had it's fair share of bad guys, and even towards the end we saw the Assassin having a friendly conversation with King Richard the Lionheart.
In AC2/Brotherhood, the Papacy was seen as the "bad guys". But in the end we saw the Papal authorities arresting Cesare.
In Revelations, everyone hit the roof when the first trailers were released. Everyone hated the fact that the Byzantine's were the bad guys and the Ottomans were the good guys. As it turned out, the Ottomans were just as bad as the Byzantine's.

We should also recognise the fact that Ubi have already stated that Templars will be found in both the American and British sides.

One more point that I would like to make. This may be a spoiler. (depends on whether you consider story speculation as a spoiler)
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Washington was a Free Mason. The Free Masons are known for their connection to the Templars. It is entirely possible that Connor is not aware of this as of yet and that Washington is using Connor as a pawn. It is possible that Connor will be in for a nasty surprise later as the story progresses.

03-06-2012, 11:23 PM
As an avid fan of the series, and a Master Mason, I highly doubt that Freemason-Templar association would be going in that direction. There were plenty of Brothers on both side of the conflict, but the Masonic Brotherhood actually stayed neutral during the war. This game is apparently going to be very historically accurate, and at the time that this was occurring Freemasons in the US and British forces were led by the UGLE, or the United Grand Lodge of England. However, the American Grand Lodges (one in each State) began to break off and become independent. The Freemasons involved in the war were not influenced by their Masonic leanings to support one side or the other. They were powerful men, but they were at the same time fighting for independence or to squash the rebellion, not for anything associated with our Brotherhood.

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I'm kinda' sick of seeing threads like these now.

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I'm kinda' sick of seeing threads like these now.

Tell me about it. We get it, Freemasons exist.

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Tell me about it. We get it, Freemasons exist.

Precisely :rolleyes:

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Tell me about it. We get it, Freemasons exist.
No they dont, nor do Elephants..

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Something I'd like to add to the OP's comment is that this game is being made by a Canadian branch of a French company.

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No they dont, nor do Elephants..

http://www.freeimagehosting.net/t/9dcrw.jpg (http://www.freeimagehosting.net/9dcrw)

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i swear if see another "UHHHHHHH i wanted Japan !!!!! UHHHHH i donīt want play as an indian cowboy". I even saw someone saying "i wonīt buy this game because it insults my ancestors" which is one of the most stupid comments iīve ever heard . We havenīt seen anything from the game and yet they pull some random "facts" out of their ***.