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03-06-2012, 11:41 AM
I was sat discussing AC3 with a friend when the first images came out of the rather dramatic box art which I absolutely adore. Then we immediately got to thinking about who would fall on what side. We have to obviously consider that even with a game in an obviously epic scale, there are limitations. So we went with a pair of short lists.

As we now know, Washington is assassin aligned, and so we can assume several other historical figures will be also:

Ben Franklin being a great inventor could easily slot into the role of Leonardo (though no where near as sexy for the female gamers and pages and pages of yaoi images out there). Considering the man's great wit in Poor Richard's Almanac I really hope there are some excellent scenes between our new assassin and Franklin in Philadelphia.

Benedict Arnold will perhaps be the most interesting and one of the most sensitive to history. In spite of being a traitor later history has shown us the many myriad reasons why Arnold betrayed the revolutionaries. He was constantly belittled by his superiors and continously passed over for promotion in favour of less capable officers, eventually anyone who does something and only gets a slap in the face in return will wind up thinking about derailing the plans of those who he thought were friends. Being injured in his Canada campaign where he was not supported by supposedly friendly officers when trying to invest Montreal and again only being slapped in the face for it could be a key turning point, or even the point where he is turned by a Templar Agent. It'd certainly provide an awesome dramatic turning point if you wind up working closely with Arnold for some of the game.

John Han**** if this historical blowhard isn't in the game somewhere then I will be severely dissapointed. Being one of the first out of the gates for Independance and responsible for the infamous Boston Tea Party he is a huge and flamboyant figure in the history of the Revolution.

Thomas Jefferson I could reall just leave this with a "nuff said" drafter of the first constitution, the declaration of independance and a leading political force he is bound to have his fingers in assassins business.

Thomas Sumter: Complete nut job historically, absolutely perfect as an Assassin of some sort and has a strong revenge motivation because the british set fire to his house.

Templar side:

Inevitably there has to be some historical figures who'd fall on the Templar side, surprisingly we almost immediately discounted General Charles Cornwallis. He was reluctant on several occassions to deliver the coup de grace on the revolutionary army when the opportunity arose in New York and again in Philadelphia.

William Howe: is a strong contendor. A successful military man and a good tactician he was responsible for the capture of NYC and Philly in the early stages of the war, however his lack of planning and forethought lead to the disasterous Saratoga Campaign, perhaps because he was so distracted?

Banastre Tarleton: Is easily the most obvious to have as a Templar head due to his strong place in history. A lot of the stories around him are in fact made up propaganda by the Revolutionaries at the time (and the less said about the Mel Gibson film the better) but there are some intriguing events during the course of his career in the Revolutionary War that make his story fit quite well.

Wilhelm von Knyphausen: The Templars in their "more modern" form have quite a strong Franco-German link, so the leader of the Hessian Mercenaries in the Revolutionary War would be highly logical as a Templar agent.


Historical Events

Now, the AC games have so far done pretty well showing off history and some of its more gritty aspects, but the Revolutionary War is going to have sensitive issues. Why? Because time and time again Hollywood and other media organizations have wound up portraying the British in over the top ways. The most obvious one which leaps to mind is the hatchet job done in which the English herd Scots into a church in Bravehart and promptly burn it to the ground. That actually originates from the SS in WW2 ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE, where the women and children were herded into the church and machine gunned. This prompts criticism from the UK and other groups, and accusations of patriotism, nationalism, jingoistic nonsense etc. Below are two controversial examples I thought of which I hope the multi-national team on AC3 have avoided, or altered to suit their means better than some of the contemporary resources showed.

Boston Massacre: Unfortunately the AC games have already used this infamous Paul Revre engraving (http://www.earlyamerica.com/image/review/winter96/massacre.jpg). This engraving is complete and utter nonsense, there were 5 very scared soldiers on King Street against a baying mob, and they only opened fire when corned with no where else to go or escape to after being harassed and pushed the entire way down the street. There were no neat european warfare firing lines and there certainly wasn't an officer directing it all. It would be severely dissapointing if this appears in the game diverging widely from history.

Battle of Waxhaws: Is quite notorious for its masacre and the propaganda surrounding it led to a "no quarter" for quite some time on the Continentals side, which in turn led to *****ering from the British... and so on.

Most interesting is the later historical agreement about why the masacre took place:

Tarleton was supervising the surrender of the troops when a shot rang out and he was felled... somebody had either shot out his horse or caused it to shy. Thinking it was a ruse for the Americans to get in close and so kill Tarelton, the cavalry immediately fell upon them and *****ered many of the surrendering soldiers. By the time Tarleton regained control of his troops and they realised he wasn't actually dead many of the soldiers were killed. Wouldn't it be awesome if that was a failed assassination attempt on your part that led to it?


Anyway, that's enough prattling from me, what do you guys think?