View Full Version : Acb monthly game weekend

03-06-2012, 05:52 AM
IM PoofyPikachu or PAPERROBOT or whatever but i would like to set up a ACB monthly game weekend and it would be all the clans getting together and taking a break from ACR we would have scrims and friendly matches and more \(^o^)/ it'd be like a all you can eat buffet for ac gamers so if you're interested just post a comment and we should get together on it my gt is PoofyPikachu and the ideal dates would have TO BE ON PROBABLY ON FRIDAYS THROUGH SATURDAY NIGHTS AND SUNDAY MORNING DUE TO SCHOOL AND WORK AND I THINK IT SHOULD START ON THE LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH AND IF THIS WORKS OUT THEN WE SHOULD ABSOLUTELY GET THIS STARTED