View Full Version : Assassin's Creed Multiplayer as a stand alone game?

03-03-2012, 04:21 PM
I always read and hear about the multiplayer aspect of Assassin's Creed doesn't get prioritized, critical bugfixes are not made, It's in need of balancing tweaks, DLC's are separating the player base, the list goes on.

I also experienced a lot of defects and lags first hand, there's alot that needs to be worked on.
But still I really love the multiplayer, It's unique, fresh and got a lot of potential.

One possibility why this happens could be that Ubi needs to prioritize the next games in the series and doesn't have the time to fix everything we want. But I love MP and I think It should be prioritized more! But how do we accomplish that?

So I had this idea to expand the AC franchise by separating the Multiplayer aspect as It's own game, of course updated and fresh with new content and refined game modes, new maps, characters and story so there is some incentive to buy it.

Positive things with a stand alone Multiplayer game could be that Ubi gets more time to work out things we want.
For example:
- The Multiplayer can get a greater budget that results in continuous bug fixes, new content etc.
- The Multiplayer mechanics has potential to mature.
- More interesting events could be held, Tournaments could be part of the game system
- Guild system
- Better friend / group system
- A ladder system would be cool
- We would get more balancing tweaks
- Extra material could be released on a constant basis, with DLC's
- The Multiplayer community could thrive and grow bigger.
- The Multiplayer could evolve in it's own pace without getting gameplay and setting too influenced by the latest SP campaign.
- The story could explore more of the Templars conquest than the Assassins. That means it doesn't need to be in sync too much with the latest AC single player game.

There are probably more Pro's but what about the Cons?

My concerns are
#1 Would it be popular? Maybe the community is not large enough for this kind of thing?
#2 Would it feel strange, being out of context with the rest of the series?
#3 Pricing. Downloadable game VS A full game?

But I'm even more concerned with a potential AC3 Multiplayer.
Will we experience few updates, bugs that are not prioritized and fixed, bad DLC's that fragments the player base and stop coming after half a year?

Just a thought. Just tell me if I'm far out there or if this could be a realistic idea.

03-03-2012, 04:42 PM
It would be too much for Ubisoft too handle, and this everyone knows. ( As they cannot even fix their games )
If it's on a different disc, but with the original game then it'd be fine.