View Full Version : idea about the future AC settings

03-01-2012, 08:05 PM
i posted this on the thread announcing the Setting of AC3...

Look at the Box Cover art, by the fact that he's killing a Redcoat we can tell that we will be fighting on the side of America, against the British empire, this means that we can assume the British empire are ruled by the Templars at this time, however i read somewhere that the British were an Assassin led country, so therefore, after you have killed the main Templar on the British empires side, the Templar control of Britain will be replaced by the Assassins shortly after, possibly leading to a future game during the French revolution where the Templar order in France are overthrown, shortly after that, A templar leader known as Napoleon Bonaparte begins his Empire, leading to ANOTHER possible game set in Victorian London/England, during the triumph against the French, and you are on the side of Admiral Nelson against Napoleon.

what do you think?