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03-01-2012, 03:02 AM
Upcoming Splinter Cell Ideas
I am a huge fan of splinter cell. I appreciate all of the splinter cells made, even the latest 'contraversial conviction'.

The latest game concluded with a dissapointing ending, as sam stated that he is 'done'. However, I believe that you can still save the series, and improve the next game, by considering some (if not all) of my points listed below.


-The game could start off by letting the player be Anna Grimsdottir, and later introduce Sam, who could have followed her, knowing shed get into danger.

-In conviction, Lucias Galliard mentioned Moscow and Beijing. I think its about time that Sam visits the Kemlin.

-The JBA Headquarter missions in Double Agent were excellent as they varied the pace of the game. It would be interesting if you could use this feature again, adding other feartures like a hood for 'Public Missions' (this was used in Conviction java mobile game)
scenario : Sam is in a public area in Moscow, and must discreetly tail a man to the metro. He uses his hood to avoid detection.

Personality and Friends

-Sam got his daughter back, so theres no point in him being angry anymore. He can now be focused and patient again.

-William Redding should return, as it can become boring listening to one person the whole time, like in Conviction.

-Sam Should find Hisham Hamza (From Double Agent) and ask for his help.

Equipment and clothing

-Dont bring back too much of the old stuff, as the legacy then wouldn't evolve, it would just stay the same. Instead, use the SC3000, but add new features such as variable zoom optic, and yeah, maybe throw in a sticky shocker etc.

-Its important to bring back Less Than Lethal attachments for rifles, as it de-influences killing, making it more stealthy, and thus more 'Splinter Cell'. Also bring back the original "knock out moves", but use similar techniques like in conviction.

-Alot of people want to see the old stealth suit again.
Sam is NOT an official splinter cell anymore, so he does NOT have to wear the official outfit. But what you could do, like you did in "Deniable Ops", is to let the player choose an outfit, but this time for Sam.
Also, let different uniforms have different ratings in terms of camoflauge efficiency.
In the case of the idea for public missions, limit the uniforms to casual wear only.

-Allow players to add, and also REMOVE attachments, to and from weapons.

-SONAR goggles are great, but actually lack the 'night vision function'. Fryman in conviction mentioned that they allow you to see in the dark, but they only do so barely. They were much better in the HD Android version, with very bright surroundings.

Other improvements

-When the player forgets the objective, he uses the PDA (older SC's) or simply presses a buton and reads the objective(Conviction).
Why not make Grimsdottir or Redding say it again? It would make much more sense to do that. Press a buton and they repeat the objectives briefly.

-It was really fun to interrogate enemies in Chaos Theory. They added slight humour to the otherwise dark game. In conviction, although the interrogation techniques were impressive, they only take place in set points in a mission. It would be great if this could change, and allow the player to interrogate ANY AI in a mission.
Also, as I stated earlier, Sam is NOT brutal anymore, so he does NOT have to completely rip them apart.

-I saw somewhere that someone enjoyed the underwater gameplay of Double Agent. I agree with them, as it changes opportunities of infiltration and expands stealth gameplay.

-Also, it could be taken into consideration to allow a player to choose his/her own method of starting out a mission. The beginning of the Split screen story in Conviction gave me that idea. This feature should be restricted, depending on the mission type : Public (as I described earlier) or normal.