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02-29-2012, 06:56 PM
Gunsmith will be available in cersion for PC or no?

03-01-2012, 03:16 AM
I can't answer your question but I just watched the video. That's a really cool feature. If they don't put it in the PC version it's definitely a big "screw you" to the PC players for not playing on a console.
Going from GRAW 1 to GRAW 2, I was a little disappointed that we lost some of the gun customization for multiplayer but this would totally bring it all back and then some, big time!

Throwing my 2 cents in, they could up the ante by having a feature that would evaluate the following characteristics:

-weight of bullet in grains
-powder grains (and burn time)
-barrel length
-cyclic rate

If they let players mess with only those 6 things and put in an honest effort to show real world effects that it would have on the handling characteristics, aiming speed, drop rate and of course "stoppah powah". If they did that and they combined it with fun game play. They would have a game that would be to gun aficionados what the first Gran Turismo series was to car people.

Ad in a ballistic coefficient predictor based on bullet weight to caliber (diameter) for bonus points. If you wanted to get really stupid crazy, ad in a bullet design feature where you stretch the silhouette and based on the silhouette and caliber the game predicts bullet weight in grains and assigns a ballistic coefficient to it. The game then figures a velocity based on the bullet weight and barrel length and powder quantity, how much of that powder is burned in the barrel (vs. out). The resulting velocity is assigned to the gun.
It then takes the velocity and coefficient and assigns a drop rate. It's also assigned a recoil number based on the bullet energy, unburnt powder and weight of weapon, something like:

[(weight*velocity^2) + (unburnt powder* barrel diameter * some constant)] * (weight of weapon * some other constant).
The weapon weight also acting to define an aiming speed modifier.

Go another step and use the unburnt powder variable that you used to help define the recoil value and use it to define a muzzle flash value. Use that muzzle flash value to ad a "night blinding" effect if you've designed a "silly" gun. (See Ruger Alaskan).

Cyclic rate factored modified with muzzle energy and weapon weight = controllability, think reticle system.

Ammo capacity = weight and reload speed.

Hell man, I've designed the whole system for you. A small number of predefined variables based on the user input during gun creation playing out in a fun tactical based FPS.... Freaking awesome man! Do it!